2D Artist

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December 11, 2020
Full Time

Any skills or traits listed below are considered to be ideal, but not required.

You will be working closely with all disciplines at 81monkeys and your main focus will be on our upcoming pixel art roleplaying games. You will also be tasked with supporting our other projects and marketing efforts.

Artist Skills

  • Pixel art backgrounds, and environments
  • Pixel tilesets
  • Pixel characters
  • Concept art for 2D
  • World building and level design for 2D
  • UI Design

About us

We’re a small team with big dreams! We develop mobile, console and PC games. We believe that great execution is the key to making great games.

Drawing of a team photo

Our Culture

  • Self management - Your work and time management are your responsibility.
  • Work-life balance - No workweek and no overtime
  • Diversity and inclusion - It’s not about the best candidates, it’s about the best team.
  • Communication is key - Open and constructive communication is our fuel.
  • Unique interests - Work on tasks outside of your primary discipline.
  • Learning - Always listening, always improving, always growing.
  • Chickens & Dogs are our friends - Unless you’re allergic, then maybe they're not.

Our Projects

We are working on a diverse range of products and continue to support our active games, while preparing for full production of our third and most exciting project. We do not focus on one genre or platform, we just focus on making great games.

The World of Anterra

Our newest project is The World of Anterra -- an innovative new open-world, retro role-playing game for PC and consoles that brings new life to the indie RPG, pixel art and nostalgic gaming scenes. Its features include a unique conversational dialogue system, custom world building tools that combine hand crafted environments with procedural elements to create thousands of unique locations to explore, an fresh and fast-paced combat system, and a focus on diversity and inclusion with its character creation system, narrative and game world.

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