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June 13, 2022
Part Time

We're looking for a Visual Effects Artist to work on our puzzle heist adventure game, Schrodinger's Cat Burglar! The game stars Mittens, a cat burglar who gains incredible quantum powers allowing her to be in two places at once among many other skills.

Visual effects will be key for this game - being able to make strange quantum concepts visually pleasing and understandable is the goal, as well as general sci-fi eye-candy.

The art style target is textured, realistic but not overworked - more higher-resolution MGS2 and less KillZone.  More colourful and sci-fi, but not quite as cartoony as Ratchet and Clank.

Art fidelity is for a PC game that can be ported to Nintendo Switch. Game engine is Unity - familiarity with URP VFX Graph is ideal.

Additional Details:

  • Experience required is for at least one released title.
  • This is a part time role - hours are flexible.  
  • Rates are negotiable.

About Schrodinger's Cat Burglar

Join Mittens, cat burglar extraordinaire, as she ventures into a secret research facility and gains incredible quantum powers. Test your problem solving skills in devious puzzles, avoid detection by security robots and infiltrate top secret laboratories as you discover the truth behind an earth-shaking conspiracy.

*Funded by Astra Games.


Art target example reference:

Current 'in two places at once' effect:

The concept being that the cat can be in two places at once, and either place is equally 'plausible' - so each cat counts as 50% of the full cat visual.

Current 'split / fuse particles:

The concept being that there is a 'quark stream' connecting the two cats together - and the particles when the cat splits and fuse are just eye candy.

Current 'theoretical state' effect:

The concept being that when one of the two plausible cats is 'observed' (in this case, by a security camera) it becomes the 'real' cat, and the other one becomes 'theoretical' - currently a simple 'void' effect but we will need something pretty special...

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