Lead 2D Artist

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January 27, 2022
$70K+ (USD)

💻 About Us

Acureus is a fully remote indie studio with a focus on creating memorable multiplayer experiences with friends through empowering creativity at all skill levels. We released Draw & Guess in March 2021, later seeing a viral surge in players that caused our community to grow from just a few hundred players to over 2 million players over the course of last year. It's been absolutely bonkers.

Draw & Guess’ initial success has only further catalysed our vision for the game; We are fortunate to have seen growth in such a diverse genre of the industry and are excited to welcome others that share our vision for fun, engaging, and creatively inspired experiences.

📖 Overview

We are looking for a Lead 2D Game Artist that is keen to play a foundational role in the definition and execution of art direction/branding/asset creation. You have strong intuition, excellent research skills, and are able to communicate your visions clearly and effectively throughout a distributed team. You thrive in a remote environment **are have outstanding time management skills to define and commit to your own production schedule.

You see the prospect of defining an entirely new art direction for a game with millions of players as super exciting (and maybe just a little bit scary).

🍦 Requirements

  • 5+ Years of industry experience in 2D art
  • Professional experience with at least one AAA title
  • Ability to plan, manage and execute a production schedule
  • Comfortable with rigging/2D animation
  • Enjoy both drawing (especially this one), and guessing.

💼 Responsibilities

  • Define strong, stylised branding/art direction
  • Formulate a strong vision for our upcoming major feature - Will be discussed during initial call
  • Create a robust content pipeline for asset creation/feedback.
  • Creation of high-quality 2D Assets
  • Comfortable with rigging & animation for 2D sprites

🌍 International Applications

We want to hire the best person for the job, wherever they may be. If we're a good fit for each other, that's good enough for us. Our legal team will handle all the other bits 😊

Your location will have no impact on your application/compensation offer - your skills do not suddenly get less valuable because of where you live.

💰 Compensation

$70K+ (USD)

✏ About Draw & Guess

Draw & Guess is a creative drawing game where up to 16 players... draw and guess!

Each player receives a word and draws it without using characters or numbers. The next player guesses the word behind the drawing. Then another one draws it again! The twist is that at the end of these cycles, the final player must try to guess the original word.

Art & Animation
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