2D Environment Artist

After Light
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September 14, 2022
$38-55 AUD per hour

I'm an Individual who's worked on past titles such as Snow Mercy, and Destructonaut.

I'm now working on an unannounced title, and I'm looking for a Mid to Senior 2D Environment Artist to help me develop, and concept a high detail stylised environment art style for this project.

There would be around 3-6 hours of ongoing remote work a week, where we would work closely together using Discord's voice and screen-share. Hours are flexible, and I would work in with the applicant's existing commitments as best as I can.

Pay will be between $38-55AUD per hour depending on the applicant's skill set, and how much direction they require.

Applicant must be able to speak fluent English, and have good communication skills.

Further details about the project will be available at the interview stage after signing an NDA.


How to Apply

Applications will be based on portfolio. ArtStation or personal websites preferred, but not required.

Please send us an email with your applications and any questions

After Light
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