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April 8, 2021
Part Time

Aggro Crab is looking for a skilled 3D Character Artist to work on an unannounced action game. This job is a part-time freelance position over a 4 month period, with the likelihood for the period to extend to the entire project duration.

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We strongly prefer candidates local to the Seattle area or those interested in relocating, as we plan on resuming work from an office when it's safe to do so again. We’re looking for folks who are uniquely talented, with at least a couple years of experience under their belt.

We’re looking for a 3D Character Artist who is talented at stylized yet detailed sculpts of non-humanoid creatures. We’d especially love to work with someone creatively ambitious, offering your own ideas towards designs, pushing proportions and silhouettes further than the given concept art.


  • Creating sculpts, UVs, and textures for characters with a wide range of designs, all non-humanoid.
  • Working with a technical artist to set up materials and shader dependencies within the model.
  • Helping to create an asset pipeline for how the work will be integrated into the project.


  • At least two years industry experience in a 3D Animation role is required.
  • Sculpting experience with ZBrush or a comparable software.
  • Texturing experience with Substance Painter or a comparable software.
  • Rigging/animating experience is a plus.
  • Unity experience is a plus.
  • Generalist developer experience is a plus.
  • Git experience is a plus

How to Apply

Send an email to contact@aggrocrab.com and begin the subject line with “3D Character Artist”. Please submit a resume and link to a portfolio (most important factor), and tell us a bit about yourself, your current location, and why you’d like the job!

It's worth mentioning we don’t have all that many years of experience under our belt either, so Aggro Crab is a studio whose members will grow alongside it. If you don’t check off all the experience boxes but we see a spark, it might just work out. Folks from under-represented backgrounds are encouraged to apply as well; we believe a more diverse studio is a stronger one.

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About Aggro Crab Games

Aggro Crab is a fresh-faced indie game studio in Seattle, WA best known for our debut project, Going Under. We make games by giving careful attention to the disciplines of art, narrative, sound, and gameplay, and by doing so we craft experiences with heart and sick vibes that are more than the sum of their parts. Our goal is to be a sustainable studio that supports its team, and make sure everyone who works with us has a voice, a sense of security, and is treated with respect. The ‘Aggro’ is reserved for punching up!

Let's be real there are, like, two of us full time right now at Aggro Crab, but we have an opportunity here to grow for our upcoming project (“Game 2”). When working with us, you will have a say in the direction of the game and the studio, as there’s still PLENTY to figure out. If that sounds good to you, please reach out!

About Going Under

Explore the cursed ruins of failed tech startups in this dystopian dungeon crawler! As an unpaid intern in the dystopian city of Neo-Cascadia, you’ll wield office junk as weaponry as you make your way through the offbeat procedural dungeons beneath your company campus.

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