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All Possible Futures
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January 19, 2023
Full Time

We are looking for an experienced level designer to be responsible for The Plucky Squire’s 3D level layouts. An Unreal-experienced designer is preferred, but outstanding applicants with experience in other 3D engines will be considered.

What you’ll do:

  • Liaise with the directors on the project’s requirements and design
  • Manage the logic, camera and gameplay of the levels, including linking 2D & 3D spaces
  • Design levels with effective communication
  • Create performant lighting and object placement
  • Be responsible for all technical aspects of all 3D levels through to release



  • Experience working on multiple released titles as a level designer
  • Demonstrable relevant examples of 3D level design
  • Ability to manage complex level logic
  • Deep understanding of technical limitations in 3D layout
  • [PREFERRED] Unreal Engine experience
  • [PREFERRED] Eastern time zone location; Japan, NZ, AU, etc.
All Possible Futures

All Possible Futures was formed in 2019 by two games industry veterans, with the goal of making those oh-so-special videogames that turn your head and melt your heart. Having gained experience working on titles such as the mainline Pokémon series, The Swords of DItto, Fluidity/Hydroventure and Stealth Inc, All Possible Futures are now poised to create that special something that you never knew you needed.

Featured Game

The Plucky Squire follows the magical adventures of Jot and his friends - storybook characters who discover a three-dimensional world outside the pages of their book.

Jump between 2D and 3D worlds in this charming action-adventure - solving puzzles, boxing badgers, flying with a jetpack, and enjoying many more delightful and surprising mini-challenges as you become the hero of a living storybook.

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