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August 23, 2021
Full Time

After our recent successful launch on Oculus Quest, we’re looking to grow the team! We need a passionate Generalist Game Engineer to help us fix the current faults in the game, polish our user flow, and make improvements to the game. Our game already captivates thousands of players, but with your help we can reach millions!

Who we are

We are a tight-knit team, and are developing A Township Tale full time. A Township Tale is the industry leading VR MMO, which has a massive Discord community of 73 thousand people. We’ve launched on Quest on July 15, reaching #1 in Oculus Store charts, and we’re expanding the team to support our players and bring the game to new platforms.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for an enthusiastic and proactive Generalist Game Engineer to work together with the QA team, squashing bugs, and creating tools to help QA to test and identify bugs. You will also be part of design discussions on how to properly fix faults in our system where a compromise might be needed, for these discussions you will need to be able to communicate code issues to non-technical stakeholders.

Beyond an initial wave of bugs and fixes, you will also be tasked with implementing improvements and quality of life changes into the game. Ideally you are someone that enjoys and understands the ways video games connect us and can put that knowledge to use in making meaningful changes to our product.

How you benefit

  • You will work on a live game with a growing, thriving and passionate community.
  • You will have the opportunity to shape how the game looks and feels, impacting thousands of players.
  • You will further your skills on 3 different VR platforms and potentially more.

The skills you will need

  • 3+ years of Unity Experience
  • Have shipped at least 1 game
  • Strong C# Knowledge
  • Experience creating custom Unity Editor tools
  • Experience working with multiplayer game systems, specially client / server scenarios
  • Ability to translate ambiguous and complex design requirements into clear deliverables
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Solid Maths foundation
  • Experience in agile delivery methodologies
  • Strong communication skills to discuss requirements, deliverables, and timelines with non-technical stakeholders

What we are looking for

  • Someone that is comfortable learning new tech on the job, is eager to try new things, and iterate quickly
  • Someone that can collaborate within a team
  • Someone that can also work autonomously
  • A good problem solver

Additional skills that would make you shine

  • Ability to write shaders in HLSL
  • Experience with optimization of 3D projects for mobile
  • Experience developing VR games / experiences

If you are looking to start your journey at a company at the forefront of exciting new technology, this job is for you. At Alta you will see the impact you make daily and have a chance to be part of a company that is growing rapidly. You will get a competitive salary and a work environment where your actions can make a real impact.

How to apply

Please send your resume to apply@altavr.io


About Alta

Alta is a Sydney-based Virtual Reality start-up. Since 2016 we have worked on the multiplayer game A Township Tale and have grown from the 3 founding members to over a dozen passionate developers. At Alta, each team member wears multiple hats and is committed to our overall mission in developing a ground-breaking VR experience for players worldwide.

We are passionate game developers who played and built games all our lives. We founded Alta with the goal of creating a strong studio culture based on respect for our players, professionalism, and ownership of the work we create. We believe that it is impossible to create epic games without great studio structure and intimate communication with our players.

We are now fully remote and have several team members in different time zones. We are a very tight knit team and finding a great team fit is just as important to us and finding the right skillset.

We're hiring developers, engineers, producers, a 3D artist, and a social media / community manager. You can view (and share) all of our openings here.

About A Township Tale

Band together with your friends and explore a long-forgotten world filled with adventure, danger, and ancient secrets. Tame the wilderness as a group and build your own town. A sanctuary in this wild land, your town is where you’ll craft gear for your next expedition. It takes all kinds of heroes to make a successful town. Will you be a warrior? A miner? A blacksmith? Choose your destiny, and unlock new abilities for your town and your party. But choose carefully. Dangers lurk in the darkness below, and your choices in town and as a team will decide if you become legends, or your tale ends in tragedy.

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