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February 24, 2021
Part Time

Andromeda Entertainment is looking for a part-time games producer (roughly 15 hours per month), to help us herd all the kittens necessary to port our VR title SoundSelf to PS4 and Quest. 

This gig has the potential to grow into a full time producer position at Andromeda Entertainment, supporting other titles reach the gaming market and the wellness market.

Andromeda Entertainment is a decentralized management structure (we run Holacracy), so the ideal candidate has a self-managing and enterprising spirit. There are no geography requirements, but you must be able to co-ordinate your time effectively with a U.S. based team.

We distribute games to the major gaming platforms, as well as using them as interventions in wellness and therapy. The ideal candidate will have an interest in the wellness market, and have been personally devoted to their own wellness practices (meditation, exercise, yoga, etc.)

We are looking for someone who:

  • Has their own connections in the game industry, from vendors to distributors
  • Is experienced managing small decentralized teams through to shipping a final product on consoles.
  • Has shipped games on PS4
  • Understands and is experienced in VR
  • Is extremely organized and outcome oriented

About SoundSelf

An exhilarating journey into altered states of consciousness, powered by your own voice. Explore a hypnotic world of light, color, and sound. Emergent music harmonizes with you, as you drift through strobing tunnels-of-light, impossible shapes, and deep into a meditative trance.

About Us

Andromeda Entertainment is the first publisher to super-serve the growing interest in mindfulness and wellness with transformative content and virtual entertainment experiences

We recognize the power of gaming. Whether you realize it or not, play has always shaped your mind. Additionally, immersion in an alternate reality creates sometimes subtle, and sometimes massive shifts in your awareness. Notice how your heart rate responds to a jump scare in a game as if it were real danger? That’s a physiological response to digitally simulated events.

We believe that if we can make these tools work for our betterment, then we have an obligation to do so. Therefore, we stand for transformation in games, from “mere distractions” as they are often framed – to the tools of transcendence.

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