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October 7, 2020
Illustration of a person in front of a cave

We’re looking for a talented 3D environment artist to help build beautiful worlds with us at A Stranger Gravity. The role will include modeling/texturing environments, props, and interactable plants, in a stylized, but grounded world. You should be comfortable modeling from concept sketches, adding to existing block-ins, and working from paintovers. Familiarity with set dressing and shaders in Unity is a plus.


  • 6-8 month contract, ideally 40 hrs/week but can be flexible.
  • Fully remote/distributed team. Must have a few working hrs overlap with US time zones.
  • Launching on VR platforms, then porting to non-VR.
  • Developed in Unity, flexible with art pipelines.
  • Project launching late 2021

The Game:

You are the newest member of a deep space repair crew. You’ve been sent to recover a vast spacefaring vessel, grounded long ago on a distant planet. Inside, you find room after room of verdant gardens, tended by a legion of clockwork automatons. You must use the power of these automatons to bring the vessel back to life.

Art Style:

We’re going for a stylized realism - not too textured or detailed, but not low-poly or cartoony either. The level of detail should be similar to that of Breath of the Wild, Firewatch, or The Witness. It should feel warm and inviting, like a well-used art studio or overflowing library. There will be plenty of props and plant growth all around, and the composition of the space and the lighting will be very important. Organics like plants, trees, and moss will play large aesthetic roles within both the environment and gameplay objects.

Important skills:

  • Strong understanding of composition, lighting, and mood
  • Architectural interior modeling with realistic proportions
  • Organics and foliage modeling (potted plants, succulents, mosses, trees)
  • Designing materials in a PBR-like workflow
  • Comfort and desire to work within a stylized look

Optional skills, but nice to have:

  • Knowledge of the Unity 3D pipeline, including materials and set dressing
  • Shaders or technical art
  • Optimization and workflows for mobile platforms (ie. Switch, Oculus Quest)

Who we are:

A Stranger Gravity is an interactive experience design studio based in San Francisco, California and Brooklyn, New York. We design and build thoughtful, accessible experiences that seek to enrich the lives of people across the world.

Concept Art:

illustration of a house built among the trees

a stylized computer console built into the home

a person trimming plants with the help of a team of floating lifeforms
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