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October 17, 2022
$20-25k + profit share

Hello! We're looking to hire a 3D Lead Artist to join a small indie-team creating AUDION, a VR arcade game with musical elements; currently being development by Kasson Crooker (ex-Harmonix, Microsoft) and Ben Lane (Incode Games), and we are in the Oculus Start program.

Audion is a fast-paced arcade-style indie-game being developed for Meta Quest2/Rift, with potential to port to other VR platforms. We have a vertical slice of the game with core gameplay mechanics and 5 playable levels, and are now ready to bring a Lead Artist onto the team to craft and implement the game’s artistic vision.

The general look for the game will be based in abstract geometry, audio-reactive visuals, and clever use of shaders and visual effects.  The game does not contain characters or complex environments -- think Geometry Wars in 3D/VR.  


Contract Details

The project duration is 4-8 months depending on how your time is structured (est. 600-800 hours) and this is a contract, work-for-hire position. If you can dedicate all your time to the project... great!  Want to work on the project steadily part-time but take a bit longer... also great!



To be transparent about the budget, this is game has a maximum art budget of $25K, broken up into 5 milestones and comes with a profit share of 15%. For those willing to lower the budget to $20K, the profit sharing would increase to 20%. The profit sharing kicks in after recoupables and post marketplace cut. Payment will be done via milestones which we will define with your involvement. 


How to Apply

If this all sounds of interest to you, please fill out the application form with as much information as possible and we'll get back to you with next steps.

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