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April 7, 2021
Full Time

Aurorian Studios is seeking a 3D modeler to create meshes for the objects in One Lonely Outpost. This position is somewhat unique in that you will be creating meshes which have 2D sprites projected onto them. The 3D models are part of our unique art pipeline, and include baked normals which are then touched up in the final form.

We are an extremely passionate team of indie devs located around the world who have been fortunate enough to secure funding, and now we're seeking additional members to round out the team!

Work is full-time equivalent with regular monthly payments plus contribution-based revenue share. Position is fully remote.


  • Passionate about One Lonely Outpost
  • Expertise in environmental modeling and composition, including landscapes, rock formations, and trees
  • Several examples of your work showing the topology clearly, or offering the mesh file for examination
  • Minimum 2 years' full time 3D modeling professional experience (not school/internship/game jam)


  • Experience with cell shading and lighting
  • Ability to create high precision models which have pixel-perfect outlines and details to match pixel art
  • Experience with manual normal map and depth map creation and manipulation

To apply:

Send the following to contact@onelonelyoutpost.com:​

  1. Resume (or just a quick summary of experience/ a bit about yourself)
  2. Portfolio/Examples of prior work
  3. Why you want to join us
  4. Desired compensation or ideally current cost of living

About One Lonely Outpost:

Start a farming colony and grow it into a vibrant community. Choose from traditional animals and natural produce or opt for robo-cows and gene-spliced crops. You can take a break from farming by mining, socializing with colonists, finding a love interest, exploring alien ruins, and so much more!

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