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May 16, 2022
Part Time
the Americas

The Team

We are Bifrost, born to be the Root of Renaissance. We work to bridge the gap between passion and prosperity. The vital, vibrant tales we proffer promise to delight, inspire, and sometimes terrify the audiences we treat.

Our primary project is Gauntlet of Aegis (GoA), a brief and brutal brawler for fans of gripping gameplay bolstered by mythical flair. With features inspired by titles like Devil May Cry and Dragon Ball FighterZ, it promises players on PC and mobile a tense survival challenge.

We intend to impress with our prototype in progress. We’re looking for a programmer to help us make it shine.

The Talent

You are someone skilled at making combat feel impactful. Your sharp sense of speed and force informs your programming. You play brawlers, beat-em-ups, and fighting games galore, analyzing their designs to make their tools your own.

You have practiced programming in several languages: experience you leverage to optimize your code. With your strong command of melee action principles, you can bring these four attributes to our pending projects:

  • Tech Translation: You excel at translating gameplay concepts into lean, clean code.
  • Polyglot Programming: You’re skilled with Unity’s Corgi engine and versed in tech beyond.
  • Melee Mastery: Your playable melee-centric projects demonstrate a keen understanding of force, heft, and momentum.
  • Artful Altruism: You respect the culture-shaping power of your craft and aspire to use it for good.

The Trial

We will build our brand on buy-in from the gaming masses. Having an impressive prototype will help our cause. You will take our proof-of-concept and collected assets and apply your skills to polish them into a strong preview.

We’d like the talent we employ to enhance our prototype with such features as these:

  • Refined Physics: Hone the movement mechanics to convey a stronger sense of the characters’ power and speed.
  • Collectibles: Implement a spawning resource that triggers a specified effect when gathered by the player or NPCs.
  • Enemy Behaviors: Program NPCs to pursue said resource and assume a more aggressive form once they have enough.
  • Combat Additions: Implement wall-jumping, enemy-stepping, a snatch attack, and homing functionality as specified in our designs and discussions.

The Treasures

Forged in hell-year 2020, Bifrost is our answer to popular demand for new voices and visions in gaming and beyond. We apply pragmatic passion to refine designs conceived to nurture the new paradigms these trying times demand.

Our allies in ambition can expect abundant opportunities to prosper as our projects prove their potency. To set the stage for long and lucrative cooperation, we promise the following compensation and conditions:

  • Fair Pay: Starting at $30/hr. If we work together well, there’ll be spoils to spare.
  • Work Stronger, Not Longer: Full-time for us is 20 hrs./week. How you spread the time is up to you.
  • Fully Remote: Work wherever so long as you’re consistent and connected.
  • Audacious Ambition: With more than 30 fresh and fertile IPs in our pipeline, we have plans to facilitate your flourishing long-term.

How to Apply

If you’re confident that you’re the partner we’ve described, send your resume and relevant demos to We intend to fill this role by mid-June at the latest, so we’ll be quick to contact those who prove their pedigree.

Visit our website or Patreon to learn more about our values. Best wishes and godspeed on the path!

Programming & Development
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