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Big Blue Sky Games
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January 25, 2023
Full Time
US or Canada
$70,000+ USD

Big Blue Sky Games is looking for a UI Designer to join our quickly growing team! You’d be overseeing the design and implementation of our game’s interface features alongside our designers, artists, and engineers. 


UI Designer Responsibilities: 

  • Collaborate with the rest of the team to creatively iterate on interface solutions 
  • Design and implement game client visuals and maintain appropriate documentation 
  • Contribute to visual design style guides for interface elements 
  • Work directly with designers and engineers to ensure interface implementation is polished and consistent with UX principles 
  • Research best practices, analyze and evaluate feedback, and continuously grow in proficiency with tools and processes 
  • Participate in other parts of our product development process 
  • Other duties as assigned 


A great candidate would have: 

  • Prior knowledge of UI design principles 
  • Strong technical ability with appropriate tools 
  • Experience with game development 
  • Scripting or programming experience, including graphics optimization


The most important thing we’re looking for in our applicants is the willingness to fumble, learn, get back up, and keep going. Even if you don’t meet every job requirement or have 100% of the experience listed, APPLY!

Statistics show that women and people of color are more likely to withhold an application if they don’t feel they meet all the requirements.

At Big Blue Sky Games, we’re committed to cultivating a diverse workplace, so we care more about your future than we do about your past. 


Come Work With Us

We wanted to work with us, and we think you will, too. Work will always be work, but we have about as much fun as anyone can on the clock. We focus on giving our people long-term careers with opportunities to learn and grow into roles uniquely suited to them, but also:

  • Big Blue Sky Games is fully remote and will always support that option
  • Everyone has flexible schedules that fit their lives
  • We observe all major holidays, including fully closing the studio the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • Competitive salaries starting at $70,000 USD per year
  • Everyone on our team will be entitled to profit sharing
  • An open and transparent side project policy that encourages everyone to work on their own personal ventures
  • Help shape the future of a studio unlike any other!


Apply Now!

Send us an email with your resume and examples of your work.

Big Blue Sky Games

Dreams without limits. The belief in a better tomorrow. A ragtag team that never gave up. That’s Big Blue Sky Games. We know what we’re up against, and we’re excited to show the world just what is possible up here in the clouds.


What Makes Us Unique

From humble beginnings, we’ve built something special – a meaningfully diverse, distributed group of wildly talented game development professionals working to make games you want to play.

When you go to your favorite restaurant and ask the waiter to surprise you, knowing that everything on the menu is great, they’ve earned your trust. We want to do that with games – to build experiences so memorable, you’re coming back to try whatever else we cook up.


  • Balance. We believe that turnover and burnout are preventing rewarding careers in games – and, in turn, that the quality of games built by folks worried about losing their jobs or crunching constantly is lower than it would be if they felt empowered and protected. To that end, a primary driving motivation for us is to not only attract coworkers our ambitions speak to, but to work actively every day to provide stability for them and their families.

  • Diversity. Diversity and inclusion aren’t buzzwords for us. From day one, we’ve worked to diversify our staff – and while we’re proud of the significant representation we’ve achieved, we also recognize that work never ends.

  • Community. Our games are for everyone, and they’re built with real life players in mind. We want our games to be approachable for people of all ages and from all walks of life, whether you want to play for 20 hours straight (editor’s note: we do not recommend this) or can only play for 20 minutes.


The best is yet to come

Our unconventional squad of untraditional people is on a mission to relentlessly continue to earn your trust. We’re going to make incredible games with safe and welcoming communities, and that requires creating careers, not jobs, by growing our uniquely talented teammates over many years to come.

Upbeat, casual games for contemporary audiences, from a studio you trust to retain the folks traditional developers have passed over, and a company genuinely dedicated to compassionate, inclusive teams and communities – that’s us.

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