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February 16, 2021

Bipedal Dog is looking for an illustrator to provide a few pieces of sci-fi/space-themed art for our next shoot-em-up project.

This includes a handful of art pieces: a keyart piece to be used in marketing and within the game, and at least two similar pieces to be used within the game, such as menus or wallpaper. Both will depict scenes of intense action, akin to shoot-em-ups of the 1980s or '90s.

This is not a continuous concept art or character design position, though experience in those spaces is naturally welcome.


  • Subject: Sci-fi mechanical (robot/spaceship/mecha)
  • Style: ideally, painterly or airbrushed
  • Deliverable: layered Photoshop files for making adjustments to elements/characters as needed


  • Affection for the shoot-em-up genre
  • General knowledge of & affinity for classic console/arcade game artwork

General Facts

  • This is a paid contract position
  • Agencies or collectives welcome
  • Due dates are reasonably far (in case you're interested but preoccupied)
  • Extensive experience isn't required -- even we've only shipped one game so far
  • All contributors credited in shipping version of game
  • Diversity welcome and marginalized groups are encouraged to apply


About Bipedal Dog

Bipedal Dog is an independent game company from the Cool Zone. We call it "BDog" for short, which just happened naturally. We make video games like Blast Rush. And probably some more later.

About Blast Rush

The core of the enemy mothership is destroyed and reinforcements are approaching fast, but your guns are weakened. You can't shoot your way out, but you can blast your way out! Blast Rush empowers you with infinite screen-clearing explosives, and challenges you with increasingly complex waves of enemy drones. Rush to victory!

Haven't played Blast Rush yet and can't wait to try it? You may already have it as part of the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality.

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