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February 21, 2023
Full Time

We are looking for a Lead Game Designer (m/f/d) for our Game Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore. We offer you the opportunity to work with us on our open-world multiplayer game that redefines the survival game genre. As a fully remote studio, you can work with talents worldwide to build this exciting game. Your experience in Unreal Engine 5 and the survival or open-world game genre will help us bring new ideas into this genre.



  • Lead a group of gameplay and level designers with different experience levels, managing their workload and mentoring them.
  • Understanding of high-level design requests and the ability to translate them into low-level design documents.
  • Work with the group of discipline and project leads, and facilitate the decision-making process with stakeholders, supporting whenever questions arise. 
  • Hands-on in-engine work with balancing, prototyping, etc.
  • Supervise the design process and ensure communication across teams is clear and structured. 
  • Collaborating across disciplines, teams, and time zones to ensure that features are designed and implemented best.



  • 5+ years of experience as a Game Designer, with previous experience as a Lead or directly managing a team of designers.
  • Excellent understanding of game design fundamentals.
  • Great knowledge of what makes a gameplay experience engaging. 
  • You take ownership and can solve problems self-sufficiently.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Extensive knowledge in either open-world, survival, or MMORPG.



  • Extensive knowledge of Unreal Engine 5, Unreal Engine 4
  • Strong knowledge of scripting languages, preferably Unreal Engine Blueprints.



  • The experience of creating something from scratch with your contribution is not necessarily limited to engineering.
  • The most common answer to "What makes Blankhans special" is: The respectful team and that we are having fun together.
  • Be a part of a diverse international team with highly qualified and dedicated colleagues.
  • The possibility to work entirely remotely with occasional workshops.
  • A lean organisation with growth potential.
  • Receive a competitive salary in accordance with your market area.


Do you want to be part of our story? Help build a live service that is fun for players around the globe and be a part of our journey to craft a terrific game studio.


We aim to create a small team of games business ninja. In such a small team, everyone needs to be hands-on and empowered to autonomy, responsibility, and ownership of their craft.

We share and communicate our work openly. We know that only providing and receiving honest feedback from colleagues and players will forge our craft to be outstanding. Everyone’s voice is valuable. We live and breathe for the happiness our art provides to people. In our world, expertise, passion, and data speak louder than senior titles or tenure.

Crafting something so special with so little people and resources is a challenge like a masterpiece. We need your leadership and initiative to be successful. We do the daily hustle as we know that only by doing things get created. We understand that only with a healthy integration of work into our lives can we achieve great things. We understand that iteration is the fastest way to success and that success implies constant learning, failures, and triumph. We desire challenges. Every day.

This is Blankhans. A business. A family. Crafting virtual worlds that are here to stay.

We will win through

  • Our Talent: Finding and cultivating the absolute best talent and cutting edge craftsmanship across art, technology, and business disciplines. By betting on the extraordinary and high-performance teams that allow us to achieve meaningful results in a lean way.
  • Our Culture: The strong dedication everyone feels to our game projects and the way we build and iterate on meaningful virtual worlds.
  • Our Partners: We partner with our players to forge the game we and they enjoy the most to play. This means we will have the strongest product-market-fit possible.
  • Our Sustainability: As we optimize for a lean organization that operates with as little people and resources as possible we can sustain our small-scale company with growing success and ambitions.
  • Feedback is a driver: We do take feedback from our players and peers seriously and do give feedback to others to help them grow as a professional.

Do you want to be part of our story? Help build a live service that is fun for players around the globe and be a part of our journey to craft an extraordinary game studio. Check out our “How we work” to get an impression of where we are and what you will help to iterate.

Featured Game

Coreborn is a social survival sandbox game trying to modernize the genre by combining an instanced social hub where the whole game population can meet, trade, and socialize with a persistent survival sandbox world where the player is exploring the world of Tormentosia.

The author of Coreborn, Hauke Gerdes is Creative Director and Co-Founder, together with a strong team of industry veterans. Coreborn is based on the most famous German Pen & Paper show with Millions of views on YouTube, thousands of fan art, and a vibrant community. The game is built as a free-to-play live service and is planned to release on all platforms.

Blankhans, the company behind the Coreborn game, recently finished its Series Seed and got funded by the leading global games fund Griffin Gaming Partners.

For more info on our game, visit our Website and our Discord.

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