Network Engineer (Unreal)

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June 20, 2022
Full Time

We are Blankhans. We are a game studio boutique that is dedicated to lean and high-quality crafting of outstanding experiences. Our founding team consists of games, game technology, media, and entrepreneurial leaders that are striving to build live services that last for decades. We value the craftsmanship of classic game making as well as the iterative world of live games. Our culture is “Fun”. We truly believe that only a team that enjoys what they are doing for a living, where the route is the goal, will achieve the impossible.

Our first live service is based on a well-established fantasy IP and aims to connect camp-fire survival (co-op) with tactical dungeons (action) and an economic hub (trading).

Blankhans is a decentralized game studio born in a world where work has to fit into people's life and not life into work. We aim for maximum transparency and trust to our teams and ask for nothing less than your professional dedication.


We are looking for a versatile Network Engineer to join our team and work on our game Ultracore. As a Network Engineer, you will work collaboratively with designers and fellow engineers to design, implement, and optimize networked gameplay features.

We strive to build great experiences for players in the Survival Sandbox genre and that is what drives our teams. An ideal candidate will bring a collaborative mindset and be comfortable working in a remote setup.

The successful candidate must have a thorough understanding of fundamental networking behaviors including synchronization, authority, determinism, replication, prediction, latency, and bandwidth. The applicant must be proficient in C/C++ and has experience with scripting language(s).


  • Collaborate with designers and gameplay engineers to design, implement, debug and optimize networked gameplay features
  • Architect and implement high-performance networking code solutions for both client-side and server-side game logic
  • Instrument, profile, analyze, and optimize network game traffic
  • Communicate the tradeoffs of different architectures, possible solutions for impossible goals, and how to limit and reduce risks.


  • 3+ years of programming experience with at least 2 years focus on networking and online systems.
  • Highly proficient in C/C++ and experience with scripting language(s).
  • Proficiency in client-server networking architecture.
  • Driven and self-motivated.
  • Excellent English communication skills and comfortable working closely with other engineers, designers, and producers in a fully remote environment.


  • Experience shipping game features through all stages of development and servicing.
  • Strong knowledge of Unreal's networking architecture.
  • Experience with cloud infrastructure deployment (e.g. AWS, Google Cloud, Azure Services).
  • Comfortable working with RESTful APIs, JSON, and network protocol design/implementation.
  • Experience working with online service providers such as PlayFab, Gamelift, or Accelbyte.


  • An opportunity to work for a newly established game studio of industry veterans.
  • A lean organization with growth potential.
  • The experience of creating something from scratch with your contribution is not necessarily limited to engineering.
  • Receive a competitive salary by your market area
  • Be a part of a diverse international team with highly qualified and dedicated colleagues.
  • The possibility to work fully remote with occasional workshops.

Our Game Studio: Blankhans

We aim to create a small team of games business ninja. In such a small team, everyone needs to be hands-on and empowered to autonomy, responsibility, and ownership of their craft.

We share and communicate our work openly. We know that only providing and receiving honest feedback from colleagues and players will forge our craft to be outstanding.  Everyone’s voice is valuable. We live and breathe for the happiness our art provides to people. In our world, expertise, passion, and data speak louder than senior titles or tenure.

Crafting something so special with so little people and resources is a challenge like a masterpiece. We need your leadership and initiative to be successful. We do the daily hustle as we know that only by doing things get created. We understand that only with a healthy integration of work into our lives can we achieve great things. We understand that iteration is the fastest way to success and that success implies constant learning, failures, and triumph. We desire challenges. Every day.

This is Blankhans. A business. A family. Crafting virtual worlds that are here to stay.

We will win through

  • Our Talent: Finding and cultivating the absolute best talent and cutting edge craftsmanship across art, technology, and business disciplines. By betting on the extraordinary and high-performance teams that allow us to achieve meaningful results in a lean way.
  • Our Culture: The strong dedication everyone feels to our game projects and the way we build and iterate on meaningful virtual worlds.
  • Our Partners: We partner with our players to forge the game we and they enjoy the most to play. This means we will have the strongest product-market-fit possible.
  • Our Sustainability: As we optimize for a lean organization that operates with as little people and resources as possible we can sustain our small-scale company with growing success and ambitions.
  • Feedback is a driver: We do take feedback from our players and peers seriously and do give feedback to others to help them grow as a professional.

Do you want to be part of our story? Help build a live service that is fun for players around the globe and be a part of our journey to craft an extraordinary game studio. Check out our “How we work” to get an impression of where we are and what you will help to iterate.

Our Game: Ultracore

Ultracore is a social survival sandbox game trying to modernize the genre with combining an instanced social hub where the whole game population can meet, trade and socialize with persistent survival sandbox world where the player is exploring the world of Ultracore.

Ultracore is based on the most popular German Pen & Paper show with Millions of views on YouTube and thousands of fan arts and a vibrant community. The game is build as a free-to-play live-service and planned to release on all platforms. The author of Ultracore Hauke Gerdes is Creative Director and Co-Founder together with a strong team of industry veterans.

Blankhans, the company behind the Ultracore game recently finished its Series Seed and got funded by the global leading games fund Griffin Gaming Partners.

Fore more info on our game visit our Website and our Discord:

Programming & Development
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