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April 8, 2021
Full Time

We are a small mobile game development company. We have developed several other games including Bullet Force, Forward Assault & Splash Canyons. We are hiring a full-time remote Unity developer (who can work 40 hours per week) to work on our next exciting mobile first-person multiplayer shooter game. You can learn more about Project Gamma and follow along with our development on Twitter.


  • Must have at least 3 years of full-time experience with Unity.
  • Must be highly motivated to solve difficult problems and must have good communication skills.  
  • We are semi-flexible where you live, but must work in a U.S. timezone.
  • Spanish is a big plus. Most communication will happen over messaging, but you must be comfortable enough to speak in English for occasional calls.


Please send your resume and a brief description of each project you’ve worked on and your role in the project to jobs@blayzegames.com with your hourly salary requirements and answers to the questions below.

1. Generally speaking, how do you diagnose and fix performance problems in Unity?

2. What is your experience with Photon?

3. What things do you need to be aware of when creating mobile games?

4. What is the most difficult technical challenge you've solved in the past?

5. Have you worked on a remote team before?  What are 3 things you can do to be a great remote worker?

6. Please include your skype name.

We are looking to make a decision within the next week, so please apply asap. THANK YOU!



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