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April 7, 2021
Full Time

Blue Wizard Digital is a growing video game studio located in Comox on Vancouver Island, BC. Started in 2014 by PopCap founder Jason Kapalka, we have a great team of people working hard on various games for web, mobile, console and PC, including Shell Shockers, Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle, Nuke Zone, and many more.

We are seeking a dedicated marketing and social media specialist to help promote our catalogue of games across a variety of platforms. Our ideal candidate would have experience and knowledge utilizing social media, engaging with the community, and seeking out new audiences for our titles. Additionally, specific knowledge related to the optimization of store pages (such as Steam) and generating visibility and engagement for our titles pre-launch is particularly valuable.

We are looking for someone who can take charge on the marketing front in order to help us reach a wider audience for our titles, while also helping to maintain and engage with our existing communities.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Creation of marketing materials (images, gifs, and videos) for use on social media (TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit)
  • Working with our developers to obtain any necessary assets (such as screenshots, renders, and videos) required for creation of marketing materials
  • Actively promoting our upcoming titles, as well as regular updates for our existing titles, on social media and Discord
  • Actively engaging with the community on social media/Discord and helping to establish a brand identity/persona
  • Seeking out new audiences and communities for our titles
  • Taking charge of developing marketing strategies and engaging with the team to promote our titles
  • Working closely with developers to ensure that games are being promoted correctly at all points of development and we are correctly utilizing our promotional tools (such as Steam page optimization and wishlist campaigning)
  • Working closely with our data analyst to maximize the effect of our promotions and campaigns

Required Experience:

  • 3+ years of marketing and social media experience

General Qualifications:

  • Experience with media software such as Photoshop
  • Experience creating and editing video assets
  • Extensive knowledge of the indie gaming scene and how to promote indie titles specifically
  • Ability to connect and engage with the gaming community
  • Ability to promote a healthy culture within those communities
  • A positive attitude and strong work ethic
  • Someone who can work independently to solve problems, but who can communicate clearly and efficiently with the team
  • A somewhat morbid and unhealthy sense of humour is recommended

Important Details:

  • Job Type: Full Time Remote with potential return to in-studio work post Covid-19.
  • Salary: Negotiable depending on level of experience.
  • Start Date: Our ideal candidate could start immediately.

Job Location:

Our office is located right on the waterfront of the beautiful small town of Comox, on the northern half of Vancouver Island. Click here to learn more about Comox, and here to learn about the Comox Valley. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are currently operating with a remote work scenario involving daily status updates, regular weekly video conferences and tight, responsive communication during normal business hours via platforms like Slack, email and Voice / Video conference. While we would prefer candidates who are within British Columbia, we would consider working remotely with a candidate living and working in another part of Canada. We are not looking for candidates outside of Canada at this time.

About Blue Lizard Digital

Makers of the most radical awesome video games in the UNIVERSE!!!!! Our games include Shell Shockers, the world’s top egg-based first person shooter, hilarious horror puzzlers Slayaway Camp & Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle, epic 5x space strategy game Space Tyrant, frantic multiplayer ninja mech sim SideArms, the diabolically diabetic match-3 Sugar Shock, AND SO MUCH MOAR!!!!!

We are a collective of game developers based in the terrifyingly remote outpost of Comox on Vancouver Island, BC, with worldwide internet collaborators in far-flung locales such as Seattle, Chicago, New Zealand and Australia. Since our spawning by PopCap exile Jason Kapalka (the twisted mind behind Bejeweled, Peggle & Plants vs Zombies) in 2014, it has been Blue Wizard’s unholy mission to BLUE YOU AWAY by creating wholesomely freakalicious electronic fun for (mostly) all ages.

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