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April 14, 2023

We are a small team of indie devs with experience at Sony, Sega, Chucklefish and Team17. We are seeking a Unity C# programmer with experience in multiplayer networking.


The project:

Our project is a fully-funded online multiplayer game for 6-12 players, which takes inspiration from the heyday of shows like Dexter’s Lab in its visuals and absurdist humour, while featuring tight gameplay with sandbox elements.


The role:

The game currently exists as a single player game with AI opponents. We are seeking a programmer to work with us to convert the existing codebase to support networked multiplayer.

This is a 6 month contract with the possibility for extension.


Working with us:

We’re a small team of experienced indies working on a fully-funded project. The initial work on this project will be implementing networked multiplayer in a fully-featured single player game. After this, the focus will be more on experimentation to devise exciting new modes and features.

Our working environment is open, creative, flexible and light-hearted, with new ideas and suggestions actively encouraged.

As a creative-led studio, we are well aware of the level of freedom and sense of ownership required to truly fall in love with a project, and would like to provide new teammates the opportunity to grow alongside us and the studio should they wish to continue past the initial contract term.

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