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October 9, 2020

**This position has been closed.**

We are looking for a programmer with a Unity3D UI focus to join us on an initial 12-month contract to develop the Next Big Thing™ from Brightrock Games!

You will work with the programming team and design team at Brightrock to program and deliver functionally impressive UI and UX across multiple platforms on the Unity3D UI framework.

You will be a core part of a high performing team of developers creating games in some of the most rewarding genres – simulation, RTS and management. As such, you are someone who enjoys working with deep and complex games and takes pride in making the complicated seem simple to the player.

Role Details:

  • Initially a 12-month part-time freelance contract starting ASAP
  • There will be periods of full-time work available
  • This role is a remote working position


  • Implement UI as defined by the design team
  • Work with the code team to integrate gameplay code with UI code
  • Work with the art team to modify and integrate UI artwork
  • Optimize UI to fit design and technical constraints
  • Maintain and adhere to a consistent UX style


  • Expert understanding of Unity3D UI and C# – You are able to program custom UI elements and understand how to leverage Unity’s GUI effectively and efficiently
  • Basic grasp of the principles of UX and UI design – You are able to make sensible decisions over matters of UX where there are gaps in the provided design
  • Demonstrable experience – Be it professional experience or personal projects showing your talent
  • Strong remote worker ethic, along with time management and organisational skills
  • Communication skills – asking for help, voicing feedback and concerns, interacting with the team and socialising. Fluent or business level English – written and spoken
  • Must be able to work during our core operating hours (10AM – 4PM GMT+0) on most days


  • Experience working with 2D animation techniques surrounding UI
  • Experience with modifying and integrating 2D art assets
  • A passion for strategy and simulation games like Dungeon Keeper, RollerCoaster Tycoon and Theme Hospital
  • 100m³ of Unobtainium

Life at Brightrock:

We’re a small, stable indie studio in the heart of Brighton, UK. We’ve been on a bit of a journey. Now we’re in the enviable position of being able to embark on our NEXT BIG THING. We’ve learned lots from making our highly-praised first game, War for the Overworld, and we’re taking those lessons forward into our new project.

You can be a part of this future.

We’re looking for people that live and breathe games like we do, that are willing to challenge tradition, and that have the drive and attention to detail needed to get a great game out the door. We want people that know their stuff, but who are always pushing to learn more – we learn things from each other every day, and each of us is deep diving into our specialties so we can get better. Being a specialist is one thing of course, but in a team this small you’ll also need to balance a fair few hats on that bonce of yours as well.

If you can do all that, well then maybe we ought to be having a chit-chat!

We pride ourselves on the strength of our core team, but we also work with a bunch of awesome freelancers.

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