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This role is a part of the UK government's Kickstart Scheme and is only applicable to 16 to 24-year-olds in the UK who are not in education and are currently claiming Universal Credit. Click here to view more Kickstart placement opportunities.

May 14, 2021
Full Time
North America
one action at a time, let's re-green the world.

In the world, there are approximately:

  • 9 million animal species
  • 3 trillion trees
  • 1, 000,000 mobile games
  • 7.7 billion humans

Carbon Counts Tech is on the hunt for 1 exceptional human, a Sr. UI/UX Designer who is partial to trees, animals, games, the earth, and memorable, impactful experiences. Are you the human we’re looking for? If so, you live and breathe evidence-based design and are driven to deliver delightful, frictionless experiences.


Carbon Counts is an early-stage, multi-country, for-profit company on a bold mission to re-green the earth. We believe in the power of people, play, community, and innovation and we are creating memorable, delightful experiences that will have a positive impact on the planet.


You’re obsessed with how people interact with design and the world! You feel connected to the environment, and you’re curious about climate change and how humans interact with it. You’ve got a proven, inclusive, global mindset, an entrepreneurial and empathetic spirit, and you live to challenge the status quo. While you’re confident and kind, you’re hungry for feedback. You’re the first person to listen to an alternate way of thinking, and so, if given evidence that contradicts your current view, you’re open to change your mind. People you know will call you friendly, open, curious, analytical, creative, and humble. Bonus: You love games!

ABOUT YOU (AS A Designer)

You have min. 3-5 years of UI/UX Design experience within a technical, creative, and/or game environment—including mobile games and live-ops. You’re strategic, hands-on, and passionate about experience design, interactive design, and product design. Your colleagues would say you’re outrageously driven, an expert time manager, a fabulous communicator and collaborator, and a superb problem solver. Your confidence in your discipline is balanced with a healthy dose of self-doubt so you continually assess your decisions, test them, and strive to do better. You’re patient, reliable, and want the best ideas to win—even if they aren’t yours. You’re a leader—and while this is a contributor role to start, there may be opportunities to lead down the road.

Professionally, you’re an expert in:

  • usability, information hierarchy, interaction design, and design patterns

  • translating player data into design solutions 

  • presenting and rationalizing design strategy 

  • creating low fidelity prototypes & mock-ups

  • user-research methodologies and user data analysis 

  • a variety of digital illustration tools

  • building elegant and robust systems that will empower your teammates to work at a higher level of quality and efficiency


  • Architect intuitive player flows, screens, content, and states.
  • Partner with stakeholders to set priorities and find balanced design solutions to player and business goals within technical constraints.

  • Define problems and lead solutions that are rooted in player data
  • Drive and communicate a design process and methodologies that support player-centered game dev.
  • Consistently champion usability and accessibility.

  • Craft UX artifacts (experience maps, flows, mock-ups, wireframes, prototypes) to guide development and research. 

  • Craft clear written communication, allowing players to intuitively use a product, including tone of voice, naming conventions, taxonomy, and text strings

  • Drive an innovative game experience from prototype to live-ops.
  • Support the creation and management of design systems
 and style guide.
  • Conduct user research interviews, usability tests
 , and session design docs.
  • Create walkthroughs for FTUE & tutorials
  • Establish in-game shop and merchandising layout
 and optimize assets. 

  • Account for localization and culturalization.

  • Collaborate with Game design, Tech, Editorial, and Art on new features.
  • Work with the data team to formulate, execute & document A/B tests.

  • Implement & import assets into Unity for proper screen layouts.


Biodiversity is the word for the varied animals, plants, fungi, bacteria, and other life forms that are connected and intertwined within an ecosystem. The more biodiversity, the stronger the ecosystem. We’re obsessed with the idea of biodiversity—for the planet, and for the team! Currently, we’re a small, mighty team with different, varied roots in different realms. Some of us have come from entertainment (think Disney). Some from game dev (think Adventure Capitalist and Club Penguin). Some from business (think tech start-ups and Lululemon). Some from tech (think Google). Some are in conservation (think All of us are inspired by the possibility of changing the world, one moment, one laugh, one step, one community—one tree at a time.


  • Competitive salary & benefits
  • Equity participation
  • Unlimited paid vacation
 (w/ manager approval)
  • Remote / Work from home / Flexible hours


Definitely not! If you share our mission of creating memorable, delightful experiences that will have a positive impact on the planet, we’d love to meet you and see what is possible!"

If you believe you’re the human we’re looking for, contact us at:

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