Vehicle Coder (C++)

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February 2, 2021
Full Time
United Kingdom
£30,000 – £40,000

This is a permanent position, with your current main role being as vehicle coder for our 3D driving game: Transmission. With feedback from our Design Director and alongside our Lead Designer, you will need to make driving our cars feel perfect. This is not just about pure simulation, but also about understanding user experience and how to tune that model to create satisfying vehicle handling.

Transmission screenshot

You will be coding ‘everyday’ style road cars, in particular those from the 1980s. This includes car types such as standard 5-doors, estates and 4x4s, and larger vehicles like vans and lorries. Maybe even a 3-wheeler if you’re brave enough!


  • Fully remote (must be based in the United Kingdom)
  • C++ (proficient)
  • 3D Maths and Physics Programming experience
  • Debugging and Optimisation experience


  • A good knowledge, enthusiasm and understanding of cars
  • Unreal Engine 4 experience
  • Blueprints experience
  • Other programming language experience
  • Console development experience
  • Simulation and/or VR experience
  • Happy to work with large code bases
  • Version Control / Continuous Integration experience
  • Jira experience

Important Information

  • Starting salary of £30,000 – £40,000 (depending on experience)
  • Set your own hours – Delivery-focused production allows you to set your own start time, end time, and make time for necessary life activities
  • No crunch
  • Christmas Holiday period – All employees have December 20th – January 3rd as complimentary holiday, which is not subtracted from your holiday entitlement

How to Apply

Send CVs and Portfolio links to

Note: If you are applying for more than one Coder position, or if you would like to be flexible in your coding role, please submit only one application but mention in your cover letter or email which roles you are interested in.

About Transmission

In Transmission, you’re an overnight courier in an open world of chilled-out synthwave vibes. Think Euro Truck Simulator meets Jalopy on a rainy summer night in 1986 .

Working at Cardboard Sword

Cardboard Sword is a growing independent games company. We have an incredible team of experienced developers working to make a variety of games in a sensible and enjoyable way. Our focus is on exceptional games, very high production values, good tools, and a team that’s happy and equally compensated across the board.

Make a Difference

We’re in the early stages of our growth. Joining us now is a great opportunity to learn, grow with us, and have a real impact and influence on the company. We also support personal development and learning of new skills, so will try to move you onto the projects you like in the positions you want. This includes furnishing you with learning resources at times.

Equal Opportunities

Cardboard Sword is an equal opportunities employer, welcoming people from all walks of life. We take care to remove bias from the selection process, and are open to suggestions that would allow us to do this better. We have a workplace culture that is transparent, trusting and fair.

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