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This role is a part of the UK government's Kickstart Scheme and is only applicable to 16 to 24-year-olds in the UK who are not in education and are currently claiming Universal Credit. Click here to view more Kickstart placement opportunities.

July 8, 2021
$28/h to $38/h (CAD)
mini maker title art

What In the World Is Mini Maker?

Mini Maker is an anti-perfectionist builder-sandbox game for PC. You assemble junk for cute characters who have had all their stuff broken to bits. Journey on an adventure in gluing, painting and animating the most ridiculous creations the world will (unfortunately) have to witness.

You can find Mini Maker’s Steam page here and pre-alpha trailer here.

Who Is Casa Rara?

We are a small indie team of recovering perfectionists in Montreal, Canada. We believe in:

  • Innovation, risk, and creativity
  • A healthy and positive work environment
  • Creating supportive space for marginalized identities
  • Helping one another while ensuring we’re self-motivated and independent problem solvers

What Is Your Mission?

You will create two of the most important 2D art assets in the game: the art on the Challenge Cards (think Pokemon trading cards) & the 2D textures that players can apply to their creations (we call them Tattoos).

What Are The Expected Outcomes

  • Create around 80 production-quality 2D assets of varying complexity
  • Develop these assets to match the style of the game
  • Work with our art director to make sure the assets match expectations
  • Deliver assets on time and within budget

Detailed Scope and Guidance Provided

  • Challenge Card illustrations (about 30 pieces)

           • The art director hands out initial concept design for each

art samples
(also here: https://imgur.com/a/iwFXmvC)

  • Small 2D textures (a.k.a Tattoos) (about 50 pieces)

            • The art director will hand out a preliminary list of tattoos, and we would like you to contribute their own ideas.

art samples
(also here: https://imgur.com/a/iwFXmvC)

  • The work should be delivered in batches:

            • 1st batch End of August 2021 
            • 2nd batch End of October 2021 
            • Final batch with retouches and missing bits End of November 2021


  • Strong visual design skills
  • Portfolio with relevant examples
  • Familiar with game development & game art best practices
  • Extensive experience using software to create 2D art assets within time and budget constraints
  • Posting pet photos at least three times a week (optional)
  • A strong and passionate love for cookies (also optional)

Contract Details

  • Starting date: August 2021
  • Location: Remote (although we are prioritizing candidates in Canada)
  • Compensation: Between $28/h to $38/h (CAD), depending on experience

How to Apply

If you are interested please apply at info@casa-rara.com by sending a brief introduction about yourself and a link to your portfolio!

casa rara logo

Our Story

Casa Rara is a game developer based in Montréal founded by Tali Goldstein and Ruben Farrus. Since 2016 we have developed wonderful VR, AR and game projects for clients such as the National Film Board of Canada, CBC/Radio-Canada and Urbania. We have also conducted a great deal of workshops to help other creators develop their concepts. We're currently in the process of creating the coolest game ever: Mini Maker.

About Mini Maker

You are the Mini Maker in a messy-workshop simulator. Glue, paint and add effects to action figures, mutant plants, ancient sculptures and more. Tackle unpredictable work hazards. Shop for supplies and tools. Share your creations with the world! There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.

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