Senior Games Programmer

Claymatic Games
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June 7, 2022
Full Time

We are looking for an experienced senior programmer to work on stop-motion animated Clodhoppers and support procedurally generated Eufloria RPG. You’ll be self-sufficient with an eye for detail, looking to join a small and friendly remote team. You will own large parts of the code and be free to implement things as you see fit, working with our designer and following feedback from public playtest sessions. Creating polished and satisfying UIs in Unity will be a key focus for Clodhoppers, while Eufloria is focused on overall product and gameplay polish.


  • Help deliver Clodhoppers, an online/offline multiplayer battler built in Unity
  • Build fresh user interfaces and maintain existing ones
  • Integrate external technologies and services
  • Jump into any area of the code to implement new features or improve existing ones
  • Work with design and communicate daily with the team via Discord
  • Maintain Eufloria RPG’s codebase whilst level implementation takes place
  • Manage your own time working with autonomy


  • Experienced at all aspects of indie game development including shipping
  • An eye for interface design
  • Extensive knowledge of Unity’s UI tooling
  • Highly adept with C#, other programming languages a bonus
  • Located in European or American time zones
  • Full-stack web experience beneficial but not required
  • Awareness of network multiplayer implementations would be handy but not essential
  • Enjoy being part of a small, creative and friendly team

This is a full time remote position.

About Clodhoppers

Clodhoppers is the clay-animated multiplayer brawler where wild mountain folk trade punches, bombs and laser bolts in the fight for glory. Up to 8 players can play in this game designed around quick matches and big laughs. The character artwork is scanned from clay models to give a unique aesthetic. It's led by the creator of Platypus, Anthony Flack, and is the spiritual successor to Cletus Clay.

Programming & Development
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