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August 24, 2020

What Is Mini Maker?

Mini Maker is a sandbox creation game for PC & Console. It’s about building mini-figures, expressing your weird side and embracing happy accidents. Our playtesters have defined it best: “A perfectionist torture device”; “Bob Ross in 3D”; “Grotesque Lego”.

You can find more information about its current state here.

Who Is Casa Rara?

We are a small independent team made up of both experienced devs and young talent. We make creative games that we hope have a positive influence in the lives of our players. We believe in:

  • Innovation and creativity.
  • A healthy and positive work environment. 
  • A diverse team that supports each other, but where every member is self-motivated and can solve problems independently.

What Is Your Mission?

To find, grow and maintain a healthy community for our game Mini Maker. To develop Mini Maker’s voice on social media. To become an integral part of the dev team and be the voice of the community, so we can make a better game for our players.

What Are The Expected Outcomes

  • Create a high level plan for our social media strategy, identifying competition, opportunities and activities for our community.
  • Grow our presence on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Set up, grow and manage the game‘s Discord.
  • Be present during team meetings to help identify game features that the community will enjoy.
  • Become the primary social/marketing point of contact.
  • Measure the impact of social campaigns and continually improve effectiveness based on the findings.

What Are Your Hard skills?

  • You have experience managing all major social media and streaming platforms.
  • You have an open, empathic, and positive attitude towards dealing with people online.
  • You write great copy in English, always keeping your audience in mind.
  • You are comfortable using visual tools like Photoshop to create interesting visual content.
  • Big, big plus if you know Unity3D and can go directly in-engine to capture visual content directly from the game’s project (or alternatively you are happy and willing to learn how to do it.)

What Are Your Soft Skills?

  • You are a proactive problem-solver.
  • You are not afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone and to learn new things.
  • You are comfortable reaching out for help and guidance when you need it.
  • You are detail-oriented and care for the quality of your work, but you are not a perfectionist and you are able to compromise when “good enough” will do it.
  • You are flexible and adaptable to change.

What to Expect of the Hiring Process

  1. Have between 2-3 calls with different team members.
  2. Answer a short written questionnaire online.
  3. We request that candidates submit a short writing sample.

Contract Details

  • Part-time to start (2 days a week.)
  • Compensation depending on seniority.
  • Starting date: Mid-October.
  • Contract length: 4 months.
  • Position may become a full-time contract if/when the project receives production funding.
  • Must be able to work in Canada. Work from home position.

If you are interested please apply at

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