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December 8, 2020
Full Time

If you like Skateboarding or have an interest in any kind of extreme sports, crea-ture Studios is currently working on its first IP sports game called Session, a new skateboarding simulation game.

We are looking for a Senior Game Programmer to help develop Session! Qualified candidates need to be motivated and passionate about making and playing games. The candidate must be ready for the challenges involved with developing games and new technology required for a startup.


  • Develop systems and gameplay features for a skateboarding simulation game.
  • Rapidly iterate on prototypes.
  • Transition prototype systems to production-ready quality
  • Provide guidance and mentorship to junior team members.


  • 7+ years of experience in game development or related programming experience
  • Proficiency in C++ is required
  • Proficiency with Unreal Engine is required
  • Excellent problem solving, troubleshooting and debugging skills
  • Real-time networking proficiency and experience is a plus
  • Ability to work independently as candidate will be required to work remotely

About Session

Inspired by the golden era of skateboarding, Session’s primary goal is to make you experience what skateboarding really is; an incredible culture where there are no other goals other than expressing your creativity and achieving success through hard work, perseverance and bits of madness for no one else other than yourself.

Be ready to play the most authentic and grounded skateboarding experience in the most legendary spots on earth, film and make the gnarliest skate parts out there.

About Us

(n.): late 13c. From Old French ”action of create.” creā-ture Studios is an independent videogame studio in Montreal area dedicated in bringing original IP’s to niche markets.

Here at creā-ture Studios, located in the surroundings of Montreal Canada, we try to do things differently. Not because we HAVE to, simply because making games doesn’t seem to be what it used to. Formed by guys who got sucked in the AAA industry for probably too long… We strive at getting back to what videogames are to us. More than a product, a creā-tion, the achievement of an art form envisioned into something fun and interactive! Our goal is to bring high quality, detail oriented, entertaining, creative and original games to niche markets and to serve them the best we can with an inspiring mindset: creating games that will meet the needs, quality standard and requirements of the people who will play them. At the end of the day, it needs to be legit and fun.

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