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Dejobaan Games
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May 18, 2023
Part Time

Dejobaan Games, an award-winning indie studio, is seeking a Influencer Outreach and Social Media Manager. This part-time (~10h/wk to start), remote, freelance position focuses on establishing relationships with game streamers and interacting with the gaming community over social media and the Steam forums. You'll be a key player in our small, collaborative team, with the potential for your role to grow over time.



  • Influencer Outreach: Your primary role will be to identify and build relationships with video game streamers that align with our games. Our goal is to achieve 20,000 Steam wishlists for each of our games.
  • Social media/community management: Secondary to this, you'll create compelling posts about our games and their development and informal video content for our game dev updates, and share all that goodness over Twitter, TikTok, Reddit, Instagram, YouTube, and the Steam forums.
  • Strategize and execute: Work with the studio head (me; I'm writing this right now!) to come up with plans and be able to execute on them.



  • Experience: Proven work with influencer outreach and social media management on a commercial game.
  • Tools: Some proficiency with graphics and video editing software. You should be able to design, capture footage, edit, and export simple and informal content for various channels.
  • Written and Verbal Skills: Craft compelling and accurate marketing copy in English. Talk good and stuff.
  • Creativity: Would you crochet a doily with your face on it and give it to a friend?


Gig Details

  • Schedule: 10h/wk.
  • The timing is flexible, as long as you're available between 8am and 5pm Eastern time, spread over 4-5 days a week.
  • Freelance, ongoing.
  • Remote, via Slack, Vidchat.


Current Projects

We're currently working on these projects:

  • AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! Remastered - A skydiving game about leaping off buildings and flipping people off for points. It's the next entry in our award-winning series.
  • Monster Loves You Too! - A hand-drawn YA graphic novel about growing up as a monster in a society of other monsters who have poor impulse control. It's a sequel to our best-seller, Monster Loves You!.
  • Million Monster Militia - A troop-drafting roguelike where you must bring freedom to a country occupied by giant demon bosses. Since we launched the prototype in March, Itch users have played over 4.5 million turns of it!
  • Five Fingers on My Right Hand - An art game about a game development studio that uses AI to generate all its games with the intention of firing everyone and replacing them with AI. It uses AI-generated art, which may be a distasteful dealbreaker to you, which I totally understand.

Mind you, we're not marketing all of them at once. That'd be crazy pants!


To Apply

There'll be a pink button below once we post this. I can't see it while I'm writing this, but I trust in it. We'd love to see examples of where you've helped games grow and launch. How did you work with influencers? What written and video content have you created? Show us all that good stuff!

Thanks for reading, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Dejobaan Games

We're a small, award-winning studio based out of Boston. Founded in 1999, we're one of the oldest studios in the area. What else do I put here? We once broke Steam with the length of the title of the original AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!!, which holds a Guinness World Record for longest word in a video game title.

Featured Game

Million Monster Militia is a roguelike recruitment sim where you battle a horde of demonic overlords by cobbling together an army for its synergies. Recruit waiters, train them into soldiers, and hire a succubus to transform them into vampires. Gather a flock of sheep and have your dragon set them on fire for fuel. That kinda thing.

Monster Loves You Too! is a graphic novel adventure. You're a monster born in the city of Asch, where you must find food, forge friendships, and fend off bigger, more dangerous creatures while grappling with your own monstrous instincts, resisting the urge to lie, steal, and attack at every precarious turn.

T-Minus 30 is a fast-paced, single-player city builder where you plan a city and assemble a space fleet to escape a dying Earth. You must scavenge a post-apocalyptic environment to build infrastructure, grow crops, generate power, and build rockets to save as many people as you can. All within 30 minutes of play.

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