Senior UE4 Programmer

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December 7, 2020
Full Time

Drastic Games is looking for an experienced Unreal Engine 4 programmer to join our team of battle hardened developers. The ideal candidate should have a deep understanding of Unreal Engine 4, a flexible skill set, and the ability to adapt and learn rapidly. Candidates will likely have shipped UE4 titles on multiple platforms (console or mobile) and be passionate about making games run their absolute best!

What You Will Do:

  • Collaborate with artists, designers, and animators to maximize performance across all target platforms
  • Handle hardware specific optimization, build, and memory management challenges
  • Provide support for gameplay, audio, and online systems as necessary
  • Play a key role in establishing and maintaining a vibrant independent studio culture!

Who We Think Will Be A Good Fit:

  • 2 or more years of experience (5+ preferred) in game development with a strong background in C++
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent knowledge and experience
  • Experience shipping UE4 games across multiple platforms (console or mobile)
  • Experience profiling and optimizing games for performance and memory across multiple platforms
  • Exceptional communication and time management skills
  • Ability to mentor and lead other engineers
  • Ability to work remotely
  • Ability to inspire and bring out talent in others
  • Attention to detail
  • Unquenchable love for video games
  • Ability and willingness to learn new systems

Please send your CV to We look forward to hearing from you.

About Drastic Games

Drastic Games is a video game startup founded by alumni from Epic Games, devoted to pushing the bounds of small team development. Our core team packs enough punch to cause another mass extinction. In dark rooms, behind glowing keyboards, we’re unleashing a maelstrom of digital wizardry to put a smile on your face.

About Soundfall

Soundfall is an upbeat action/adventure game with music at its core. Embark on a magnificent journey of friendship and discovery. Share in the adventure of a lifetime as you delve into forbidden dungeons, explore fantastic landscapes, and uncover the awesome power of music.

You play as Melody, a talented young audiophile mysteriously transported to Symphonia, a world where music comes to life. You’ll befriend endearing allies, wield powerful abilities and legendary weapons against a horde of malicious adversaries as you race to halt the return of an unfathomable darkness, Discord.

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