Assistant Producer Intern

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January 25, 2022
United Kingdom

At DREST you will join a team that’s creating a game-changing interactive fashion technology platform. We are combining state of the art technology with a luxury fashion styling experience plus real-time content at its core. As a fast growth digital platform led by industry experts from the app technology, luxury fashion, gaming and e-commerce worlds, we have tripled in size since we started. Our teams are based in London and across the world as we hire in the most outstanding talent.


As an Assistant Producer you will have the opportunity to learn all aspects of game development and most importantly support the team that orchestrates it. You will be mentored by our amazing product team who will teach you our production methods and give you the chance to support them in their day to day work. 

This internship will give you the chance to experience things such as managing our active documents, organising meetings, and updating tasks for the teams. All of this by using softwares such as Confluence, Google Documents, Miro & Jira. 

You will also be supporting our QA team testing Drest and will identify opportunities our game could benefit by deep diving into our competitors by playing their games, analysing key features and presenting your ideas to the team!


You will have a background in project management (process, tools, etc.) and a passion for games, this could for example be a student project. Most importantly, we would expect you to be eager to learn and ask questions in order to grow and support the production team. This is a role in which communication is critical as the candidate will have to interact with many different team members using various systems such as Zoom, Slack but also in some cases presenting information (e.g. Google Slides, Confluence).

Production is a discipline in which you’ll learn how to deal with surprises and adapt!

How to apply

Kickstart is a Government scheme aimed to help support young people back into work after the economic effects of the pandemic. The Job Placements are only available for Universal Credit claimants aged 16 to 24 and out of education who are referred to employers by their respective Work Coaches.

In order to apply you should:

  1. Complete this form
  2. Get in touch with your work coach (reference postal code W1T 3JH to receive a referral

A little bit more about us...

We firmly believe in our creative intuition and are focused on building the first luxury fashion entertainment experience coupled with retail and daily content that reflects the worlds we are passionate about. We know if we love our final product, our players will too.

We’ve hired from all over the world - currently employing people from more than 15 nationalities across the disciplines of technology, gaming, fashion, creative, marketing, analytics and more.

We are looking for those who change the game, bring in both exceptional talent and something different to the mix. This way we are always challenging our thinking and status quo, constantly striving to explore new ways of doing things that keep us at the forefront of technology and creative spaces.

We firmly believe in an open, genuine and straightforward way of working and hold these values tightly in all our interactions. We work dynamically across our disciplines in a fluid and exciting way as we know we are making magic by bringing all the elements together.

So if you’re looking for a ground-breaking career in technology and fashion, come on board and lets get DREST!

Production & Project Management
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