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January 25, 2021
Full Time

We are looking for someone who can help us oversee the planning and execution of activity across our many social media and community channels. The ideal candidate is a creative and passionate gamer comfortable with online communities and social media, has excellent communication skills and the ability to thrive in a highly dynamic environment.

The successful candidate will manage the day-to-day operational activities surrounding the online communities for our games – including official websites, social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram) and other community-managed sites/platforms (Discord). While working in a cross-functional team, the Community & Social Media Manager keeps the online community engaged and grows the community base. They will effectively utilize knowledge of our games and community to assist the Marketing Communications and development teams with ideas that increase player retention and engagement. They will also report on trends and player sentiment to inform the teams in order to help shape active game development and messaging strategies.

This is a remote, work-from-home position.

Social Media

  • Build and maintain daily social and editorial calendars; manage the timing and execution of daily output on all social channels in collaboration with the marketing team
  • Interacting with community via social media, responding to questions, comments & feedback
  • Lead development and production of original social content (videos, GIFs, infographics, live video, imagery, etc)
  • Analyze social media performance, engagement, and growth, and report findings to the team
  • Maintain consistent presence and promote user-friendly environment within online communities including official forums and on community-managed sites such as Reddit and Discord


  • Collect, organize and escalate community feedback/game data from multiple channels to the producer/developer(s) including bug reports, suggestions, and others that require attention
  • Manage all incoming and outgoing communication via the company’s Support channels
  • Create player-facing resources and content such as guides, videos, FAQs to help enhance and deepen the player experience
  • Work with producer/developer(s) on creating patch notes for content updates
  • Plan and execute events involving live-streams, chats with the development team, giveaways, contests etc.
  • Help conduct private and public tests to gather community feedback to improve product quality


  • 2-4 years of social media/community management experience (or relevant experience) and managing relationships with content creators, influencers
  • Experience using social media tools and best-practices (Mailchimp and Hootsuite are a plus)
  • Experience interfacing with the press community in person, email, and other communications apps
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Proactive, self-sufficient and not always waiting for direction
  • Good team communicator — not afraid to contribute and execute ideas


  • Strong passion and knowledge of games (especially Enhance’s portfolio), games industry, interactive art, music, Japanese culture, VR/AR
  • Active participant in Twitch as a viewer or streamer, knowledge of who’s who in the Twitch community
  • Already active in game/online communities
  • Familiar with Photoshop/Illustrator/Premiere or any video editing/streaming software
  • US timezone-based preferred

About Enhance

Established in the US in October 2014, Enhance is focused on the creation of new synesthetic experiences using VR, AR, MR and XR (extended reality) technologies. Our goal is to deliver unique multi-sensory experiences in the form of entertainment, art, devices or services to users around the world.

We not only continue to learn and adapt to new technologies but also seek new ways of working that allow our team of designers, artists and developers to increase creativity while maintaining independence.

About Tetris Effect

Named after a real-world phenomenon where players’ brains are so engrossed that images of the iconic falling Tetrimino blocks (i.e. the Tetris playing pieces) linger in their vision, thoughts, and even dreams, TETRIS® EFFECT amplifies this magical feeling of total immersion by surrounding you with fantastic, fully three-dimensional worlds that react and evolve based on how you play. Music, backgrounds, sounds, special effects—everything, down to the Tetris pieces themselves, pulse, dance, shimmer, and explode in perfect sync with how you’re playing.

From deep beneath the ocean to the furthest reaches of outer space and everywhere between, TETRIS® EFFECT’s 30-plus stages take players on a wondrous, emotional journey through the universe. The core of the game is still Tetris—one of the most popular puzzle games of all time—but like you’ve never seen it, or heard it, or felt it before.

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