Game Developer (UI/UX)

Featherweight Games
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February 28, 2023
Full Time
Sydney, AU
$75k - $100k

We are looking for an experienced mid-level Game Developer to join our team based in Surry Hills, Sydney. This position is mainly focused on UI: you will implement intuitive, engaging user interfaces for our games on multiple platforms. We want you to use interactivity, animation and thoughtful design to make our games come alive for players. 


You will:

  • Prototype functioning UI screens in the Unity game engine using C#
  • Collaborate with our art team to produce graphical assets
  • Implement the final designs
  • Also assist with gameplay and/or systems programming from time to time


We want to work with someone who is a good programmer and really passionate about game feel. You will be involved in the development of our games from early prototypes through to release, as well as creating exciting content updates for live games with over 200k daily active players.

Women and other underrepresented developers, please apply. We highly value an inclusive work environment and output, so we’d love to work with you. We believe a diverse team with multiple perspectives produces the best ideas.



  • Game programming experience
  • Good eye for game feel
  • Excellent communication and creative collaboration skills
  • Ability to work well in a team but also independently, managing your own time and tasks
  • Creative ideas and a love of games
  • We encourage you to apply even if you do not think that you tick all the boxes (We are happy to see graduates with great portfolios)



  • Experience working on shipped games
  • Experience working with the Unity game engine
  • C# programming experience
  • Experience with GIT version control
  • Experience in other fields of game development. Our team is made up of flexible all-rounders, so let us know about any other game dev skills you have!



  • Flexible, family-friendly work arrangements
  • A mix of work-from-office and work-from-home
  • Sustainable working hours with no crunch or overtime
  • Create high-quality games that our players love as much as we do
  • Friendly, inclusive and supportive work environment
  • Our team is small and multi-disciplinary, which gives you the opportunity to make a big impact on the games you work on 
  • Our office is located just 2 minutes walk from Sydney Central Station
  • Job stability: Featherweight is fully funded by the ongoing success of our previous titles



  • Permanent full-time role
  • Annual salary between $75k - $100k with yearly salary reviews
  • Bonus system linked to company profit
  • Remote work is possible but colocation heavily favored (our office is 2 minutes walk from Sydney Central Station)
  • All details are flexible/negotiable based on experience



  • Please send us an email with your CV and portfolio
  • Please include samples of your work that we can play or watch that demonstrate your ability to build game UI
  • Applications close 27/03/2023
Featherweight Games

Featherweight is a 10 person indie studio based in Surry Hills, Sydney. Founded in 2014, we are a small studio that aims to make ambitious, original, high-quality games that punch above their weight. Our games have been downloaded over 200 million times and have appeared in the top games of the App Store and Google Play.

We only work on original IP and aim to stand out by making unique games that are truly rewarding and memorable for players.


Our Philosophy

We love games and hope to make memorable, beautiful and exciting games in a mobile market that is often generic and exploitative. We believe there are lots of new and exciting ideas to be explored and want to give players new high-quality experiences that will stay with them the way the games we love have stayed with us. We hope to celebrate influences from all backgrounds especially from those who have not traditionally had a voice in the games industry.

We are a passionate, small but ambitious team of people who excel at what they do and love doing it. We encourage input and ideas from everyone and have a high degree of trust in every member of the team to do what they do best.

Featured Game

Botworld is a huge, beautiful and varied world which you can explore as you venture out to collect rare scrap and discover new bots. Enter new environments, meet a variety of characters, collect rare treasures and uncover the many secrets hidden in Botworld. You can explore freely the many lush forests and arid deserts but make sure you have a strong team of bots because you never know what's around the corner.

Get ready for a wild ride with Rodeo Stampede! Saddle up and take control of your own rodeo animal as you stampede through the savanna and collect rare species. With intuitive controls and stunning graphics, you will have a blast trying to become the top rodeo star in this safari game.

In Skiing Yeti Mountain, carve your way through hundreds of levels as you search for the elusive Yeti. Weave through trees, skid over ice, launch off cliffs and get to know a cast of bizarre locals in this top-down extreme slalom adventure.

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