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Fluffy Dog Studio
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November 15, 2022
Full Time

Fluffy Dog Studio is an independent game studio based in Vancouver, Canada. We have committed to a full work from home studio structure now and are open to candidates across Canada with a preference for the UTC -8:00 time zone. At FluffyDog Studios, we create story-filled worlds in a creative and inclusive studio environment and invite you to apply if you feel you fit the following criteria.

We are looking for a 3D Environment Artist to join us and help us finish our current mobile development Neopets: Island Builders. It’s a cute mobile title set in the Neopets universe. The Environment Artist will work closely with the Lead Artist and Art Director to create an immersive environment that adheres to the direction set forth, while contributing to the overall aesthetic and optimization of the game.

What We Need From This Role

  • Be a driving force for the creation of all 3D environments for the entire game, and part of the decision making for all environment-related assets, to meet goals outlined by the Art Director.
  • Exhibit excellent knowledge of 3D environment design principles and the ability to model a wide variety of environments.
  • Create all 3D environment assets and their textures, considering concept art and design briefs.
  • Work in tandem with the Technical Artist, Animator and Lead Artist to ensure all finished 3D environments are brought to life effectively and efficiently.
  • Ensure that all art assets are successfully integrated into the game and follow the protocols decided by yourself and the Technical Artist.
  • Work with the Lead Artist and Project Manager to ensure all environment related tasks are properly estimated and managed.

Required Experience & Knowledge

  • 1+ years of game development experience.
  • Have shipped at least one commercial game or an impressive side-project.
  • Demonstrated ability to create mobile friendly, stylized environment artwork.
  • Proficient and comfortable using the Unity game engine.
  • Experience creating high-quality, stylized environment assets for Unity and applying textures, materials and shaders in the engine.
  • Understanding of the value of naming conventions and their continued maintenance.
  • In-depth knowledge of modeling, using techniques to produce good quality, cost effective topology in Maya, or equivalent 3D software.
  • Strong understanding of asset and low poly terrain creation for expansive worlds (LOD (level of detail) requirements, etc.).
  • Strong technical ability to manage and plan assets to achieve desired results within engine constraints.
  • Self-motivated, well-organized, and proactive about expanding knowledge and learning new skills.
  • Experience working with version control software (such as Perforce, Plastic, etc.).
  • Currently resides in Canada‍


Bonus Attributes

  • 3+ years of commercial game development experience.
  • Knowledge/Experience with Draw-Call optimizations within Unity Engine.
  • Skilled with Z-Brush or high-res sculpting.
  • Traditional Art skills - Drawing/Digital Concept Art.
  • Generalist Skill-set, has made Characters, Props, Animation, VFX, Scripting, etc.
  • Skilled with Houdini, World Builder or some other procedural tools/mindset.
  • Passionate enough about your craft to continue skill development on your own.
  • Contribute to a positive Art Team culture that encourages growth and collaboration.
  • Currently resides in the West Coast of Canada



  • Unity Software: 1 year (preferred)
  • Maya Software: 1 year (preferred)
  • Game Industry work: 3 years (required)


Additional Details

  • Job Types: Full-time
  • Language Requirement: French not required
  • Schedule: Monday to Friday
  • Work Location: Remote


Application question(s):

  • What video games did you play growing up?
Fluffy Dog Studio

Fluffy Dog Studio is always on the look out for creative and talented people to join our team! We look for people who can wear multiple hats while still drilling down on a core discipline. Our team is from all walks of life and are are passionate about the work we do, which is of course, building and playing great games! Come join us.


Our Values

We’re not only in the business of making great games, we’re investing in the people that build great games.

  • Fun. We’re fun people making fun games! Fun is the heart of every game we build and the core of what we strive for as a studio.
  • Quality. We're not afraid to iterate. We take our time to produce high quality games.
  • Collaboration. Everyone is encouraged to contribute their ideas. We believe that this creates better games and happier teams.
  • People. We want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable, and for each contribution to feel meaningful and fulfilling.
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