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October 13, 2020

Fluxscopic Ltd., working with publisher tinyBuild (Hello Neighbour, Speed Runners), is looking for a pixel art animator to add content to our game world, create custom art assets for marketing and various platforms such as Steam (Steam achievements, etc).

This project is a great opportunity for those seeking to make an impression in the indie games scene.

animated gif of main character


Looking for a talented pixel artist to create environmental assists (Qubicle) and animation assets (Aseprite). Must be able to produce work of a similar quality and aesthetic to that of the current build.

Responsibilities and Duties

Creating animated sequences, characters, creating posters, fun marketing materials, box art, UI assets and environmental assets (using Qubicle), platform based content such as Steam Achievements and/or various required assets for consoles..

Qualifications and Skills

Pixel art design. Strong Photoshop/Aesprite skills and digital image editing abilities. A keen eye for detail, composition, and colour. Animation skills and a big imagination also required.

Important Information

  • Job Type: Part-time, Contract
  • Experience: Video game art or equivalent: 5 years (Preferred)
  • Location: Kitchener, ON (Preferred)
  • Work Remotely: Temporarily due to COVID-19

About Mayhem in Single Valley

Mayhem in Single Valley is the story of Jack, a local troublemaker who makes a series of earth-shattering discoveries on the day he is supposed to leave home for a new life in the city. Jack's adventure begins in a semi-realistic version of everyday life but unfolds into a humorous and philosophical examination of the interplay between The Player, Jack, and the game's creators.

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