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October 13, 2020

Fluxscopic Ltd., working with publisher tinyBuild (Hello Neighbour, Speed Runners), is looking for a programmer with console porting experience to work alongside our lead programmer and content programmer to bring Mayhem in Single Valley to consoles.

animated gif of main character


  • Strong C++ Knowledge
  • Understanding of Game Engines and their Subsystems
  • Experience with HLSL and CG Shader Languages
  • Experience with engine optimization for multiple platforms
  • Familiar with TCR process of one or more console vendors
  • Experience with Steam/Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft achievement and social system integration


  • Multiple shipped titles to multiple platforms
  • Unity porting experience
  • Unity hybrid shader experience
  • Unity plugin development experience
  • Rewired experience

Important Information:

  • Expected start date: 2020-11-02
  • Job Types: Full-time, Contract
  • Schedule: 8 hour shift, Monday to Friday
  • Work remotely: Temporarily due to COVID-19

About Mayhem in Single Valley

Mayhem in Single Valley is the story of Jack, a local troublemaker who makes a series of earth-shattering discoveries on the day he is supposed to leave home for a new life in the city. Jack's adventure begins in a semi-realistic version of everyday life but unfolds into a humorous and philosophical examination of the interplay between The Player, Jack, and the game's creators.

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