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December 4, 2020
Full Time
Cologne, DE

We are looking a full-time Web Game Developer to join our diverse and enthusiastic team. Help us make the next great web games and create new worlds together with us! 💙 🐏

flying sheep


  • Development of cutting edge WebGL games for desktop and mobile devices using JavaScript
  • Work independently in cooperation with graphics and game designers
  • Work on long-term, ambitious projects
  • Contract work for established brands from the entertainment sector


  • Game enthusiast
  • Fluent in written and spoken English
  • Good knowledge of object-oriented programming
  • Degree in informatics/software develop mentor equivalent experience


  • JavaScript game development (ideally three.js and/or Phaser)
  • Experience with live operations of a web or mobile game
  • Go
  • Scalable database systems (SQL or NoSQL)
  • JavaScript Build systems (webpack)
  • Knowledge of HTML/CSS
  • Git or other version control systems


  • A relaxed and flexible work environment
  • The opportunity to contribute your own ideas
  • To work with cutting edge web and game technologies
  • To work on a variety of projects
  • To grow together with an ambitious game studio


If you want to join us, send us your application documents, and portfolio at jobs@flying-sheep.com


Flying Sheep Studios is an independent games company of 16 people with great ambitions that has already shipped over 150 games. We have developed the tools to create the best-looking games specifically for mobile browsers and instant messengers and we strive to become a leader in these markets. We do work-for-hire, developing games for awesome brands, as well as creating our very own games and IPs.

Our office is located in the Cologne Game Haus, right in front of the Gamescom location. We have built our company culture based on the following beliefs:

Diversity is the key to more creativity and better problem solving.Our team is currently composed of people of 5 nationalities and ver one third female team members. Our company language is English.

If we enjoy ourselves while making our games, this will translate into more fun games for our players. So we make sure to keep a harmonic atmosphere, and have regular voluntary team events (LAN parties, board game nights, karaoke etc…)

Structured processes enable us to deliver games without unnecessary stress. We are never satisfied with the status quo, therefore we use every opportunity to learn and improve our skills and processes, to enable us to meet all deadlines without having to crunch. This is important for our last point because…

… we believe that a healthy work-life balance is essential for an enjoyable work environment. Not only have we been able to avoid crunch completely during the 6 years of our existence. We also offer flexible working time, home-office, and overtime is compensated in free-time.

If these values fit your own expectations of a desirable workplace, then here is your chance to join our team!


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