2D Artist/Animator

Flyswatter Studios
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April 25, 2023
Full Time

Flyswatter Studios is an independent game studio from the United States searching for a full-time 2D artist/animator to join our small team. 

As an artist/animator you will immerse yourself into the unique world of Swarm Hunter. Together with our team you will create art and animation suited for our retro sci-fi roguelike game.

The ideal candidate will have a well rounded portfolio and be capable of creating all types of art assets in co-operation with another artist on the team.

This position is full-time and you will work fully remote.


Qualifications / Experience

  • Proven experience as a 2D artist and animator
  • Well rounded portfolio/demo reel showcasing your work
  • Excellent time-management skills and ability to prioritize tasks
  • Understanding of our game engine (Unity)
  • Comfortable working remotely using a combination of Discord, wikis, email, and project management software
  • 4 major US time zones is a plus, but we are open to all. Ideally we would be able to co-ordinate times for real-time conversation when needed



  • Create 2D art and animation with a cohesive look & feel to match concept art
  • Maintain and enhance our approach toward art design within concept art aesthetics
  • Meet deadlines to keep project timeline on track
  • (Bonus) UI/UX art and design


What we are offering

  • You will work remotely and manage your own time & location
  • Full-time job with flexible hours and no crunch based deadlines
  • Be part of a small team, your input will always be heard & important
  • Pay: negotiable dependent on knowledge, skill, and experience level
Flyswatter Studios

Founded in 2022 by a group of friends, Flyswatter is an independent studio located in the United States. Our goal is to create fun, replayable games that respect you as a player and don’t include any form of loot boxes or gambling. We strive to create high quality content, enjoyable gameplay, imaginative artwork and great storylines which remind you of the days in your basement as a kid.

Featured Game


Swarm Hunter is a 2D side scrolling run n’ gun roguelike action shooter whose inspiration originates from Contra and Super C for NES. Players will traverse through 5 unique biomes fighting off enemies, defeating bosses and mini-bosses while exploring synergies, finding upgrades and building stats to choose their own path to victory.



Set in 1985 AD in an alternate universe, you are part of a special operations rescue team. Your ship, The Gilded Seeker has arrived at Pluto responding to a distress signal sent out from the planet. The crew of The Empress of Discovery, piloted by Mega Corporal Butch Diamond, was first sent to check on Pluto but has since crash landed on the surface. Receiving a garbled message from The Empress, The Gilded Seeker responds to uncover what happened to Mega Corporal Butch Diamond and his missing crew...


PC Concept Art


Environment Concept Art


Monster Concept Art
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