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February 23, 2021
Full Time

The creak of wood beneath your feet; the scrape and thud of a drawer as you open it, searching for a clue. Your breath gently stirs the air; dripping water echoes down a long-forgotten corridor. You step into it, and your boot hits stone with just the right level of reverb – you feel as if you are truly there.

Great audio design has long been one of the hallmarks of Frictional’s games, and now we are looking for an Audio Designer to join our team to focus on the nitty gritty, the implementation of audio in our games.

What will you work on?

You will work together with the audio team to define, create, and especially implement Audio and Sound Design in our new and upcoming games. We are a small studio, and see that as one of our core strengths. You will have a great impact on how our games sound and evoke emotions, and you will tackle a wide variety of challenges and tasks throughout our projects.

Even though we are a small team, and you will have to be prepared for a great variety of tasks, your main focus will be:

  • Implementing SFX and music in our games through Wwise.
  • Working closely with the rest of the audio team and our designers to define our games’ soundscapes and audio needs, and how to implement them.
  • Working directly in the level editor to set up reverb zones and other audio related assets and set ups.
  • Researching and defining our audio tech needs (from an audio design perspective), and collaborating with our developers to have those needs accounted for.
  • Taking part in designing custom sound effects, both by recording from scratch and processing already existing sound library material.

What are we looking for?

You have to be a EU/EEA resident for us to be able to offer relocation. We do consider applications from outside the EU/EEA, but prefer them to be located in similar time zones to ease communication.

The person we’re looking for is creative, driven, self-sufficient, and a problem solver. Being a remote team such as ours, organizing your own work and communicating clearly with the rest of the team are fundamental skills we require.

We welcome applicants regardless of background, situation, sexual orientation, religion, and similar, so don’t let anything like that hold you back from applying!

Here are some essential skills we require:

  • At least 2 years experience as an audio designer for games
  • Good understanding of and experience in using Wwise to implement music and SFX for games
  • A good understanding of sound and music, and how they affect the player experience
  • A critical approach to your work, where you think things through, reflect and improve
  • Ability to challenge yourself and tackle new obstacles head-on
  • A strive for structure, efficiency, and clarity
  • Interest in, and ability to do, research for interesting sound and music implementation solutions
  • Love for working on a variety of tasks
  • Good communication skills
  • Fluency in English

Here are some hardware essentials. This is important even if you eventually would like to work from the office in Malmö, as we have the office closed for the time being as a precaution due to covid:

  • A Windows PC that runs AAA games that came out the last few years on high quality.
  • Hardware and equipment to work with.
  • We don’t expect you to have a fully equipped home studio, but enough to get started, and work on most sounds. Additional equipment can be provided if needed, but it is important that you have the hardware needed to start working.
  • A fast and stable internet connection

If you really want to impress us:

  • You have been responsible for audio implementation in at least one game from its conception to its launch.

These things will be considered a plus:

  • You live in Sweden. Especially a plus if you live in or around Malmö.
  • Basic understanding of programming and code
  • Game design skills

What do we offer?

We are a small team, which means you will be able to work on a wide variety of things and contribute to our future games in a meaningful way.

We also believe a healthy balance between work and life reflects positively on your work. We offer a variety of perks for our full-time employees, especially those who live in or relocate to Sweden. We also don’t encourage crunch.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Relocation support to Malmö if you would like to move here
  • Opportunities to influence your workflow
  • Variety in your work tasks, and ability to influence your workload
  • Participation in our internal game Show & Tell sessions, so you’ll have input into all aspects of the game
  • Social security and holidays that are up to the Swedish standards
  • An inclusive and respectful work environment
  • An office in central Malmö you can use as much as you please
  • Fun workmates, game and movie nights, and other outings!

Important Details:

  • Title: Audio Designer
  • Focus: Driving implementation of sound in our future games
  • Type: Full time permanent position
  • Last day to apply: This is an ongoing application without a last day to apply. We will update the ad when the position is filled.
  • Location: Remote or in Malmö office

How to apply?

Did the position pique your interest? Are you the person we’re looking for? Then we would love to hear from you!

Please note that the application period will be ongoing until we find the right person for the position. Therefore it might take some time for us to reply to your message.

Please send us your:

  • Cover letter (why you should work with us, what do you bring to the table)
  • CV
  • Portfolio (or links to your works)

Send your application to

About Frictional Games

Frictional Games is a small independent game developer, known for our horror themes and narrative experiences. We have developed the Penumbra Series, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and SOMA, and published Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.

We started out in 2007 as a virtual company, with employees scattered across Europe, and only namely located in Helsingborg. We have since expanded and set up an office in Malmö, housing about half our 25 employees, including interns. The other half is working from home, as are contractors who help us with specific tasks during production, such as audio, writing and graphics.

After the release of SOMA we became a two-project studio. The majority of the company works on Secret Project #1, currently in production. A smaller team is working on Secret Project #2, which is in pre-production. Once Secret Project #1 is released, Secret Project #2 will move into production, and Secret Project #3 will start pre-production.

The comment we hear most is “Wait, you’re the people who made those horror games? How are you so nice and friendly?”

Our Latest Game - Amnesia: Rebirth

Amnesia: Rebirth, a new descent into darkness from the creators of the iconic Amnesia series. A harrowing journey through desolation and despair, exploring the limits of human resilience.

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