Senior Frontend Engineer

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December 9, 2022
Full Time

Funovus is a game development studio based in the United States with team members around the globe. Together we've embraced a remote-working, geo-diverse team and culture. We are looking for people who are fierce, capable, and have a strong desire to make fun and memorable games.



  • Driven and fierce
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or closely related field, foreign equivalent education acceptable
  • 5+ years of professional frontend development experience
  • 3+ years of working experience using React
  • Proficient in Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • Familiarity with React best practices and workflows
  • Worked in moderately sized development teams (5 - 20 developers)
  • Collaboration experience with UI/UX designers and product managers
  • Passionate about frontend development technology
  • Some knowledge of backend development using Node.JS
  • Experience with electron desktop app development is a plus



  • Create compelling UI/UX design for our frontend products and deliver high quality implementations
  • Improve our editor tool built with React + electron to allow game designers to easily create great gaming experiences
  • Improve our platform websites built with React to allow game designers to easily collaborate, share, and deploy games
  • Develop backend functionalities with Node.JS + AWS to support frontend features
  • Identify and resolve challenging performance and scalability issues
  • Advocate for frontend development best practices/workflows and mentor junior team members



  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Location: California or Remote
  • We sponsor CPT/OPT/H1B for international students.



Please send us an email with your resume a brief description about why you’re interested in us.


Funovus is a game development studio based in the United States, with team members around the globe, embracing a remote-working, geo-diverse team and culture.

We are a team of passionate game developers who have a strong desire to make fun, innovative, and memorable games. We are here to support anyone who has a great passion for game development and is persistent enough to finish what they start.

Our games have generated millions of organic downloads worldwide.


We are an ambitious and tight-knit team of developers. We are looking for people who are fierce, capable, and force-creates options out of necessity where none previously existed.

  • Make & Keep Promises: We must be able to trust and rely on each other to excel. One of the best ways to build trust is making promises and keeping them, no matter how insignificant they are.
  • Be Authentic: Direct, straightforward and honest opinions—while sometimes hard to share and receive—are incredibly valuable and important.
  • Work and… Play!: We make games and we play games. Talk about your favorite game. Organize your own game nights...We also provide a budget for you to buy games!
Featured Game

Wild Sky (Apple,Google) is a next generation Tower Defense game developed using our editor that received the Editor's Choice and Best New Game awards on Google Play. In the game, players explore a world of shattered floating islands and defend its inhabitants from a variety of threats ranging from measly Goblins to daunting Dragons.

Wild Castle TD: Grow Empires (Apple,Google) is an addicting casual defense game with tower defense (TD) and epic heroes (RPG). It is a defense game to protect the castle from enemy attack. Grow your castle, archers, and heroes to kill more enemies and earn more gold, Clear up to a higher level, wave and check out your real-time global rankings. Gear up and grow your own castle!

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