3D Character Artist (Contract)

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July 20, 2022

We are FuzzyBot, a new independent video game studio founded by former AAA devs, focusing on creating co-op games that bring players together across genres and generations.

We are building a stylized co-op game at an intersection of action and social gaming for the HD space (PC, Switch, Xbox and Playstation) by combining the joy of creation found in a life sim with the thrill of replayable action combat found in a roguelite.

We are looking for an experienced and talented Contract Character Artist to create stylized characters. As a Character Artist, you will bring champions to life by creating and texturing high and low poly models. Working within both technical and design constraints, you will use your knowledge of proportions, anatomy and readability to ensure models are optimized in game. 

This position is remote, can work asynchronously, and we are open to applicants in all locations.


  • Create clean, high and low-resolution game topology, UV's, and textures ranging from humanoid to hard surface under the guidance of the Art Director
  • Interpret concept designs while taking into account technical and design constraints such as poly counts and topology
  • Communicate with various other disciplines such as animation and tech art to ensure all assets are meeting project requirements

Essential Skills & Experience:

  • A strong portfolio demonstrating your in-game stylized character artwork to high quality
  • Previous experience creating game ready assets
  • Intermediate to advanced-level expertise of 3D programs/tools (such as Max, Maya, Blender, ZBrush, Substance, and Photoshop)
  • A keen eye for anatomy, form, color, lighting, materials and shaders
  • Solid understanding of current video game Character Art processes and pipelines
  • Basic understanding of Unreal workflow

Apply Now!

If you’re interested in this position, please email us with:

  • A portfolio link
  • Resume
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FuzzyBot was founded in late 2020 with the mission of building games that connect players across generations by creating cooperative experiences set in imaginative worlds.

Originally spearheaded by a team of experienced industry veterans, we believe that smaller versatile teams with low production overhead can succeed by focusing on innovative mechanics and standing out through eye-catching aesthetics.

We have a highly creative group built on trust, expertise, and a love for video games. Our development philosophy is around dreaming big, but building smart – maintaining a pragmatic, flexible, and down to earth approach focused on shipping games.

Join at the beginnings of a new game studio and be part of our exciting journey in building the company, team, and games.

Read more about our culture and game vision here.

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