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September 8, 2021
Full Time

FuzzyBot is looking for a full time UX/UI Director to establish the UI look and interaction rules for the game.

We are currently a 10-person versatile team of developers who are on a mission to integrate great UX practices into the core of our development approach. We regularly playtest and get feedback from each other and external players throughout development. 

The ideal candidate would be an experienced UX Director who is able to lead and implement, but we are open to a high potential candidate with extensive experience as a UX Designer.

We are building a stylized multiplayer game at an intersection of action and social gaming for the HD space (PC, Switch, Xbox and Playstation) by combining the joy of creation found in a life sim with the thrill of replayable action combat found in a roguelite.


  • Establish the visual style and identity for the game UI 
  • Establish interaction rules for the game
  • Produce high quality, premium UI for games on HD Platforms - design flows, wireframes, visual designs, and partner with engineering on in-engine integration
  • Take complex game mechanics and use your knowledge of good interaction design to produce creative and effective UX solutions
  • Partner with internal and external teams to develop a cohesive and fun player experience.

Essential Skills & Experience:

  • Excellent working knowledge of Adobe suite including Illustrator, XD & InDesign
  • Excellent visual design skills including color, shape, layout and typography
  • A strong understanding of how to apply textures, patterns, layer effects, and blend modes to UI assets 
  • Comfortable with technical implementation using game editors
  • Experience as an interface or user experience designer 


  • Experience in Unreal 
  • Experience in developing usability tests to identify user pain points
  • Experience with life sim, builder or action games


  • Opportunity to help build the company and team from the ground up
  • Competitive salary and benefits, and equity incentive
  • Stipend for home office & equipment needs
  • Flexible remote work environment

Things to consider:

  • Based in Los Angeles, currently working 100% remotely and open to remote hires
  • We are currently 10-person team looking to grow to ~25 people in 1-2 years

Apply Now!

If you’re interested in this position, please email us at careers@fuzzybot.com, please include:

  • A portfolio link
  • Resume 

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About FuzzyBot:

FuzzyBot was founded in late 2020 with the mission of building games that connect players across generations by creating cooperative experiences set in imaginative worlds.

Originally spearheaded by a team of experienced industry veterans, we believe that smaller versatile teams with low production overhead can succeed by focusing on innovative mechanics and standing out through eye-catching aesthetics. 

We have a highly creative group built on trust, expertise, and a love for video games. Our development philosophy is around dreaming big, but building smart – maintaining a pragmatic, flexible, and down to earth approach focused on shipping games.

Join at the beginnings of a new game studio and be part of our exciting journey in building the company, team, and games. 

We're currently hiring a UX/UI Director and a Sr. UX/UI Designer. Click here to view (and share) all of our openings.

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