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July 31, 2020

The Game Band is looking for a web developer to help run, maintain, and optimize popular internet sensation Blaseball.com.

Blaseball was built using React, Node/Express, MongoDB and Typescript, so you will need to be experienced and comfortable working with those. On the job you will be directly reporting to Joel, our lead developer, and the main designer of the simulation / data side of Blaseball. Your goal will be the offloading of some, and then ALL of the work he is currently doing on Blaseball.

This position is contract based. Full time for two months, and then we will renegotiate, because honestly we don’t know how much work Blaseball is going to need by then, and our hope is that this position will transform into a part time / on call role. That, or we are hiring you additional help.


  • Working Familiarity with MongoDB, React and Typescript, so you can hit the ground running
  • Experience with server code & sockets
  • Experience with server performance optimization
  • 4+ hours work day overlap with Pacific time zone
  • Open to working Saturday, Sunday, and Monday with a mid-week "weekend"
  • Ability to get started ASAP, working remotely from your own computer
  • Comfort with being spoiled on future Blaseball storylines
  • Ability to keep secrets.
  • Splortsmanship.

Nice to Haves:

  • Be in Pacific time zone, or be able to keep Pacific timezone hours

Please send your application to jobs@thegameband.com and include "We Are All Love Blaseball" in your subject line so that we know you're not a bot and have read this. Thank you!

P.S. We love you Blaseball fans, but please no jokey applications.

About Blaseball:

Blaseball is an absurdist, player-driven, online baseball league. It’s a simplistic simulation of a sport, built in the void of real sports, where players can view, bet on, and contort the league.

The key difference between Blaseball and baseball is player participation. Gambling is allowed and encouraged. Players will earn and lose a virtual Blaseball currency by placing bets on the games, and they’ll cash in their earnings to make changes to the league. The teams, the players on the team, the rosters, and even the rules of the game can be changed by the community.

Blaseball is almost baseball. There’s a single league of fake teams, with fake players, and fake schedules. Seasons of Blaseball are simulated over the course of several days. Teams will win and lose, storylines will emerge, and Blaseball history will be made. Blaseball is completely browser-based and available to play in beta today at Blaseball.com.

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