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July 15, 2022
Full Time

Gameye is an all-in-one scalable hosting service for gaming companies through its proprietary technology and agnostic infrastructure. Our agnostic solution is battle-tested and resilient ensuring high-quality orchestration delivered for multiplayer games at a moment’s notice.

We’re looking for the right software engineer to help us build the next version of our services and realize its full potential.

Our clients enjoy peace of mind because they focus on developing their multiplayer games while we host these games for them, make sure they have the resources and capacity needed to scale up or down based on their needs. Zero downtime, zero management from their end. It just works!

This is a core role and at the heart of what Gameye is about – development. You'll be contributing to Gameye’s core services and platforms, working with exciting technologies and shaping the future of the Gameye products.

We’re looking for a problem solver

This is a great opportunity if you're looking to challenge yourself, learn new skills and help shape some powerful technology. You'll need to have a desire to learn, an open mind to try out new technology, and the ability to work independently. You'll also need to be able to whip up solutions to any problems that come up.


A bit about you

  • You have a history in tech: You should be familiar with iterative development and continuous delivery.
  • You’re an expert with Node.JS: You should have tamed Node.JS and know its quirks and high points.
  • You’re someone who speaks up: We’re 100% remote, so you’ll need good communication skills. You’ll need to clearly explain what points you’re trying to raise in plain English.
  • You’re an experienced coder: You’ve written your fair share of scripts using TypeScript.

What’ll make you stand out

  • You can hold your own while staring PostgreSQL in the eye.
  • You’re bilingual – coding-wise.
  • You’ve designed and built distributed systems, microservices, architecture, Docker and Kubernetes.
  • And you either have a love for games or experience in the gaming industry.

In six months' time, you’ll have:

  • Finished your onboarding: You’ll have found where you fit within the development guild.
  • Learned our products: You’ll fully understand server orchestration and our company culture.
  • Completed your first project: And you’d have fully developed and released a product feature (or more).
  • Become a blue belt in Kubernetes: You’ll get plenty of experience here, as that’s what our core services use.
  • Leveled up in CQRS: As well as event sourcing, and other sexy paradigms.


Perks that come with the job

  • Stock options: We offer stock options for our team. You’ll be given a set amount that you can buy once they vest. You’ll also get a chance to earn more.
  • You can work wherever you like: We’re 100% remote. While our company was established in the Netherlands, we have no physical HQ. Your office is wherever you choose it to be.
  • You pick your work hours: We’d love to see you during some of our core hours (9AM to 5PM Amsterdam time) but otherwise, you can fit your work around your life (not the other way around).
  • We’ll sort your station: Keyboard worse for wear? No problem. Put in a request and we’ll get you a brand new one. We’ll make sure you have the tools you need.
  • Coffee is on us: Staying cooped up indoors isn’t healthy. So we’ll give you a daily budget to go out each day. Whether it’s a restaurant, cafe, or even a club.

One of our core values is that we’re completely agnostic. So we want to work with the best people regardless of your background. If this sounds like you, we want to hear from you.


Gameye provides the world's largest infrastructure network to game studios and the ability to scale game sessions according to player demand. We deliver this through our orchestration technology which gives game studios a simple and cost-effective method to manage large scale multiplayer resources.

Our story

Our founders – Denise Helderop, Elmer Bulthuis and Sebastiaan Heijne – created Gameye in 2017 with a simple purpose: Take the guesswork out of gaming.

Developers make a lot of guesses when it comes to hosting their multiplayer games. They have to guess where their players will be, how many players they might have, and how many servers they’ll need. And that guesswork leads to developers either spending too much on servers they don’t need, or not having servers when they need them.

So we created Gameye. An orchestration platform that takes away the guesswork.

Work for us

Our team is fully remote and easy going. If you’d like to join us, we’d be thrilled to hear from you. It’s worth noting that we all try and follow three principles:

  • We're humble. We put our egos aside. It doesn’t matter if you make a mistake or need a hand. What’s important is to work together and keep moving forward.
  • We're agnostic. It’s not just our technology that’s agnostic. We try and embody that philosophy too. Don’t pigeonhole people into a single choice. Be open and listen to one another.
  • We're healthy. We’re people, not corporate robots. Which means we need to look after each other. We celebrate the good times, and help each one another through the other times.
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