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November 5, 2022

Gazehound Games is currently seeking an experienced 3D modeler to join our small distributed team on a part-time contract.

This modeler will implement new models, rigs and animations for the Humbugs game based on our original art and animatics. Our ideal candidate will produce consistent, high quality models with reasonable low-to-mid poly counts.

Gazehound Games
Featured Game

Humbugs is an innovative 3D adventure game that celebrates the exciting world of invertebrate life.

Players guide the "humbug" ant herder Eacus and his peculiar flock on a journey to find a lost child. Between him and his goal are numerous obstacles, mischievous slavemaker ants, a deadly fungus epidemic, and the tiny world's most fearsome predator: Dagmar the Mother Wasp.

Humbugs will be available on PC devices via Steam (release date TBA).

Art & Animation
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