Senior Gameplay Programmer

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January 12, 2022
Full Time
United Kingdom

Hello, we’re Glowmade! ✨

We’re a small, exciting company and the goal of our games is to unlock people's imagination and help them express themselves in wonderful, fun ways. We need someone - could be you! - to do gameplay R&D on secret, exciting things.

We’ve got big hearts and big ideas, and this is an opportunity to play a pivotal role in our growing team. Reporting to Jonny Hopper (Technical Director), this is an opportunity to play a crucial role in our expanding team.

From day one we would like you to...

  • Be self motivated to experiment, explore and find solutions
  • Jump enthusiastically into understanding what the scope of the game is, what are the constraints, and give your own thoughts on the current plans.
  • Get to know Glowmade’s game engine and internal tools

In six months you will be...

  • Pivotal to the success of the game, having designed and built key features
  • A central, supportive member of our small team

The ideal candidate will…

  • Enjoy working in a variety of gameplay disciplines, from controls and camera, to combat and AI.
  • Have the ability to wrap your head round the ‘feel’: that thing that makes a product feel great and puts a smile on someone’s face.
  • Come armed with a strong technical background, where your intuition to the ‘what’ is backed up by the ‘why’
  • Show willingness to do all the things, in order to move the game forward..
  • Be at C++ Level: Brilliant, but not so Brilliant you use template metaprogramming, traits and std::range all the time.

Advantageous qualities

  • An artistic eye married with an ability to express that in code
  • Shipped a game as part of a team
  • Interest in physics, networking or rendering
  • Experience working on a cross-platform project
  • Experience in performance and optimisation
  • Not super-fussed about Object Oriented design

A few more bits...

This is an opportunity for you to make a significant contribution not only to the game but to our team and the company. Everyone at Glowmade has a voice, and it’s important to us that you feel empowered and are given the time and space to use it.

We’re based in Guildford, UK and so we’d really like to have you here with us onsite. We offer competitive wages and we are an actively equal opportunities employer. If all of the above sounds exciting and you think you can fill this pivotal role, please get in touch. No agencies please!

How to Apply:

For questions or to apply directly, get in touch:

About the Team:

We're a bunch of friends who are super passionate about making things we love. Glowmade was started in 2015 by Jonny, Adam and Mike. Back then we didn't really know what we were going to end up making, but we knew we wanted it to be something creative and joyful. Something that makes us feel good, and hopefully you too.

Glowmade is a small but mighty team, we've got big hearts and big ideas, and right now we’re working on an unbelievably exciting, brand new, you-won’t-believe-your-eyes IP in partnership with Amazon Games.

Did you see our amazing first game?

Well, take a look at WonderWorlds! It's only our first ever game! But, is it really just a game? Or is it soon to become the foundation for an entirely new culture based on creativity, community, and storytelling? Ok, it is only a game, but it has all the above and more! Available now on iOS and coming soon to other platforms.

Programming & Development
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