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June 21, 2021
Full Time

Greenheart Games 💚 is looking for an experienced Lead Writer / Editor (full-time/paid/remote/anywhere) for our upcoming fantasy business simulation and humorous story-telling game, Tavern Keeper.

tavern keeper screenshot

Important Details

  • Full-time.
  • Remote/anywhere but some small overlap with time zone UTC+10 required.
  • Contract length: at least 12 months.

We need you!

We have spent years building a sophisticated business simulation game with interesting gameplay, a gorgeous look, a great narrative vertical slice and a kicker soundtrack but it will be YOU who will add the magic of storytelling to the full experience. Your writing will reach players around the world, your words will make people grin from ear to ear, will make them burst out laughing and will touch their heart. This is your chance to work on a unique and promising game.

Stories in Tavern Keeper!

We are aware of the harmful origins of some fantasy genre tropes and strive to do our part to evolve the genre.

Tavern Keeper puts players in charge of operating a tavern in a fun and quirky fantasy world and it’s this microcosm of a tavern in which we tell our stories. Stories in Tavern Keeper are not the traditional RPG adventures full of heroes, wars and quests. Instead, our approach is to play on fantasy tropes and present the player with anachronistic modern topics in light-hearted interactive encounters.

This serves to structure and guide the gameplay as well as punctuate it with fun moments that humanize the world while (occasionally) satirizing our own.

Players experience stories in the game by interacting with characters in the tavern as demonstrated in the video below:

We need someone who can excel at writing these stories 💚. If this sounds like it could be you, check out details below and please consider applying!

What you will do

  • Craft bite-sized, engaging interactive fiction featuring a variety of fantasy cultures and diverse topics.
  • Be responsible for all story-telling.
  • Triage, refine and develop character and story ideas.
  • Design, write, edit, integrate, test and polish content pieces.
  • Plan, coordinate, track and manage story concepts and production.

bookshelf and chair

What you need

  • A knack for writing bite-sized, engaging and fun interactive fiction.
  • Ability to write in a light-hearted style with an underlying positive humanity 💚
  • A talent and love for the comedic fantasy genre.
  • Understanding of fantasy and RPG tropes and the surrounding challenges.
  • An appreciation of how narrative game design directs the player’s experience.
  • Ability to edit work for consistency, approachability, cultural sensitivity, brevity and style.
  • Experience managing story production.
  • Good self-management practices as a pro-active remote worker.
  • Flexibility to work with an international remote team.
  • Bonus: Experience with Unity, Inkle’s Ink (just basic features) and source control.
  • Bonus: Familiarity with management simulation games.
  • Bonus: Experience writing for (and/or directing) voice actors.
  • Bonus: Experience managing other writers.

Working with Greenheart Games

Greenheart Games 💚 is a cross-continent operation. Working via the internet across time zones is not something we do occasionally, it is how we operate. To us, it doesn’t matter where you are or when you work, what matters is what you can do.

  • Big responsibilities and meaningful challenges: make a difference!
  • 100% remote work, large degree of flexibility and autonomy – no mandatory time tracking.
  • No crunch – we focus on minimizing stress and frustrations.
  • 25 fully-paid ‘recharge days’ a year – like vacation but for contractors.
  • 1000 USD equipment budget per year.
  • Subsidized health insurance in countries with underdeveloped public healthcare.
  • Occasional fully-paid week-long company retreat somewhere fun in the world.
  • Be part of a small and international team of professionals.
  • Bonus rewards based on company success.

How to apply!

Send us your brief cover letter and a concise CV to jobs@greenheartgames.com – focus on demonstrating why you would be a great candidate by highlighting relevant portfolio pieces, skills and experiences. Please include your desired yearly pay too. The interview process may include a short writing assignment for applicants in later stages.

Applications open until the position is filled – we encourage people of marginalized backgrounds to apply. 💚

About Us

We are Greenheart Games, a small indie team working remotely from all over the world. We value the player’s time and intelligence and believe that games need to be more than thinly-disguised slot machines optimized solely to generate profit. We made Game Dev Tycoon and you might have heard about our piracy experiment when it went viral. Our newest project is Tavern Keeper, a fantasy tavern simulator that aims to combine tycoon/sim/management gameplay with a fun and funny setting.

tavern keeper key art

About Tavern Keeper

A good tavern is the heart and soul of a community - a place for drama and intrigue, shoddy deals and outrageous meals. A place for peasants to relax, travellers to rest and heroes to plan their next daring adventure. But what of the unsung heroes of it all - the tavern keepers?

In Tavern Keeper you manage a tavern, building, bartering, cooking and cleaning your way to success in a humorous fantasy world. Starting out with a shell of a tavern in the backwaters of the kingdom, you build rooms, place items, stock the larder and hire staff to satisfy the demands of the oddball locals and misfit heroes that stumble through your door. Run your business well and you’ll progress to larger taverns with more demanding patrons where you’ll need to expand your offerings to include new meals, drinks, rooms and services.

Tavern Keeper Alpha Screenshot 2
Alpha Screenshot

Tavern Keeper screenshot
Alpha 5 Screenshot

Please consider sharing this page. If we find the best talent, you get better games: win-win!

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