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HakJak Studios
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May 18, 2022
Full Time
United States

Hello! We are HakJak Studios, a fully remote team, and first-party developer for tinyBuild.

We create ridiculous physics games and we’re seeking a self-starting, well-rounded 3D artist who is comfortable working with Unity.  

Collaboration is highly encouraged here, so you’ll have a direct impact on game design and shaping the overall project direction. You’re not a mindless worker drone here—we want your thumbprints on these collective creations!

Soar into a bright new future with HakJak Studios!

Do you have experience building 3D game art assets from start to finish?  Do you know how to import models into Unity, adjust their materials, and setup colliders?  Are you comfortable working with programmers and custom editor tools to help us build scenes and prop sets in the game engine?

Ready to hit the ground running and work on something new, weird, wonderful and exciting?!?

If that sounds like you, then let’s talk!

Enjoy a collaborative development environment where your input matters. From beloved IPs, to home-grown concepts, you can help us build awesome games that will be played around the world!


  • Create hard surface and organic models, within given technical limits (polygon count, texture sizes, etc).  This includes 3D modeling, UV mapping, and texturing.
  • Occasionally assist our character artist to create new “skins” or accessories, working off an existing base and established pipeline.  
  • Help create and maintain art and technical pipelines.
  • Implement optimization and loading improvements.
  • Jam with us!  Make silly artwork in a no pressure setting during our occasional prototyping sessions--keep those creative juices flowing!


  • Strong knowledge of Maya.
  • Good knowledge of ZBrush.
  • Good experience using Unity.
  • Experience with Substance Painter.
  • Complete understanding of modeling, texturing and optimization of assets.
  • A passion to learn new skills.  
  • Strong communication, self-management, and organizational skills.
  • Comfort and familiarity with working remotely and using instant chat tools (we use Discord).


  • 2D drawing and painting ability.
  • Solid foundation in art fundamentals like composition, design, light, etc.
  • Experience with Substance Designer.
  • Familiarity with version control systems (currently using Plastic SCM).
  • Experience in creating assets for procedural environments.  
  • Ability to analyze and act on feedback from the team; openness to critique.
  • Degree or certification in a related field.


  • A link to your beautiful portfolio(s)!  
  • Got a demo reel?  Put that hot goodness front and center; make it easy to find.  
  • Links/media of projects you did just for fun / learning (personal art, game jam collabs, etc.)


  • Flexible working arrangements.
  • An excellent work-from-home equipment setup; your “artist haven”.
  • 2 weeks of PTO, 2 weeks holiday time off at the end of every year, paid maternity/paternity leave, paid holidays and sick time.


  • HakJak Studios is a new and growing company, backed by the fine folks at tinyBuild.
  • We’ll help you set up your perfect workspace at home; your creative haven.
  • Work remotely for as long as you like! Although the core team is based in Boise, Idaho, USA, we’re all working remotely right now and wouldn’t expect you to change your work arrangements if we set up a physical office in the future.


  • Apply! Send your Resume to hello@hakjak.com You'll get a reply from us to acknowledge receipt and another one later to let you know if you've made it to Stage 2.
  • Stage 2 will be a simple screener interview with 1-2 people from the company to meet you/video chat, get some context on your experience and goals, and whether our needs align.
  • Stage 3 might be a fun art test, if we think it makes sense. We'll give you plenty of notice, and we'll compensate you for your time if you choose to take it!
  • Stage 4 will be a deeper, more technical interview and an opportunity to meet more of the team and get to know each other better.  After this, you'll either get a job offer or some feedback from us to help you apply successfully in the future

Why the thorough recruiting process?

We want to hire top notch talent, take great care of you, and give you the resources to continue leveling up for years to come! At HakJak Studios, you’ll enjoy a great level of freedom and creative expression. We’re striving to build a dream team and work environment that everyone will love.


Let’s build something awesome together!

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About HakJak Studios

HakJak Studios is a game development studio based in Boise, Idaho, USA but we’re currently functioning as an entirely remote team. We co-create games with players around the world and strive to build new and unexpected experiences, with a focus on physics comedy games.  

About Pigeon Simulator

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