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September 19, 2022
Full Time
United States

Hello! We are HakJak Studios, a fully remote team, and first-party developer for tinyBuild.  We create ridiculous physics-comedy games in a highly collaborative environment.

We’re currently seeking an experienced Level Designer to help us craft beautiful locations and quests for our current project—a game about pigeons trying to take over the world!

an illustrated pigeon soaring through the clouds
Dream up intriguing locations and quests for Pigeon Simulator!

Can you brainstorm whiteboard concepts and turn them into sensational gameplay sequences? Does the idea of taking limited sets of parts and remixing them into unique player challenges excite you? Do you prefer to collaborate with peers to define the work that you pursue, rather than simply following a vision that’s been set for you?

If that sounds like you, then let’s talk!

Enjoy a collaborative development environment where your input matters. From beloved IPs, to home-grown concepts, you can help us build awesome games that will be played around the world!

What you’ll do...

  • Design and implement environmental locations, missions, puzzles, and encounters.
  • Translate narrative prototypes and concepts into game ready logic, quests and levels.
  • Construct game environments and levels to establish flow, points of interest and discovery using in-house tools.
  • Construct 3D level blockouts in Unity.
  • Proactively tune and iterate elements so that each level feels great to play.
  • Integrate art, sound and other elements by other team members to bring each level to a final, shippable state.
  • Collaborate with artists to balance aesthetic and gameplay requirements.
  • Collaborate with engineers to utilize and expand existing level creation tools.
  • Be involved in the environment art and set dressing production of the game.
  • Contribute to game design and planning conversations.  


  • Easy to work with and compassionate towards team members
  • Experience working in Unity
  • Experience bringing narrative fiction to life using high-level scripting languages.
  • Experience iterating on solutions based on player feedback.
  • An understanding of all aspects of level design including visual storytelling, pacing, difficulty tuning and balance.
  • Receptive and open to feedback.
  • Excels in visual, written and verbal communication.
  • A portfolio demonstrating previous level design experience.
  • Gather and respond to playtest feedback to improve level quality and flow.
  • Creative and resourceful; strives to get the most out of existing tools and features in various states of production; proactively works towards creative solutions, even with limited sets of options.

Bonus Points

  • Experience working with procedurally driven assets and levels.
  • Experience working with modular/kitbash assets and levels.
  • Experience working with physics driven assets.
  • 1-3 years of experience as a professional level designer with at least one shipped title.
  • Modding experience.  

Show us what you got!

  • Be sure to include a portfolio / showcase reel showing examples of your work!
  • Breakdowns explaining your work can be helpful as well (blog posts, articles, case study, post-mortem, etc.)
  • Videos are more helpful than game download links in most cases, since our time is very limited. Especially if they include some notes about your designs / processes!

Our Offer

  • Flexible working arrangements.
  • An excellent work-from-home equipment setup.
  • 2 weeks of PTO
  • 2 weeks holiday time off at the end of every year
  • Paid maternity/paternity leave
  • Paid holidays and sick time.
  • Health, vision, dental, counseling, etc. with great rates!
  • ADP discount offerings
  • Team feedback guides future benefit development; we actually listen to team wants and needs.
  • Stability: HakJak Studios is a new and growing company, backed by the fine folks at tinyBuild.
  • Work remotely for as long as you like! We’re a fully-remote, U.S.-based team and we intend to stay that way!

Recruitment Process

  • Send us your resume / CV.
  • We’ll review your application. If you’re not a good fit, we’ll try to let you know in a timely manner.
  • Qualifying candidates will be prioritized by best fit and interviews scheduled from the top of the list, as needed. We are very careful about who we hire here, so that everyone on the team is working with awesome people! If your situation is time-sensitive, please let us know.
  • After the screening interviews, we will setup a final interview with the top candidates. After this, you’ll either get a job offer or some feedback from us to help you apply successfully in the future.

Why the thorough recruiting process?

We want to hire top notch talent, take great care of you, and give you the resources to continue leveling up for years to come! At HakJak Studios, you’ll enjoy a great level of freedom and creative expression. We’re striving to build a dream team and work environment that everyone will love.

Additional Details

  • Current Project: Pigeon Simulator
  • Remote applicants welcome! (U.S. only please)
  • Job Types: Full-time

Let’s build something awesome together!

HakJak Studios

HakJak Studios is a U.S.-based, fully remote game development team. We co-create games with players around the world and strive to build new and unexpected experiences, with a focus on physics comedy games.

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