Senior Gameplay Programmer

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March 29, 2021
Full Time

We're looking for an experienced gameplay developer to join our team and help create kick-ass games with us. You'll be prototyping new ideas, implementing complex gameplay mechanics, reviewing and optimizing our existing codebase and generally having lots of fun with the games you help build.

We’d like you to take charge of the development environment of our projects, participate in code reviews and provide technical guidance for other developers on the team.

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We are excited about candidates who value efficiency, have a pragmatic approach to problem solving and an eagerness to get shit done. We're looking for someone who actively wants to be part of our team, has good communication skills and common courtesy.

Candidates from under-represented backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

You would be a great fit if...

  • You have strong familiarity with physics, AI and gameplay code
  • You have exceptional C# design -and programming skills
  • You love coding games and know how to make use of Unity
  • You pride yourself on writing clean, robust code
  • You know how to optimize games for performance
  • You have a self-motivated approach to development
  • You’re an excellent communicator
  • You’re fluent in English

It would be even better if...

  • You're familiar with agile practices
  • You have experience with multiplayer game development
  • You have experience with GIT/Bitbucket version control
  • You have experience in developing for multiple platforms (desktop, mobile, console)
  • You're in a timezone roughly around GMT+1 (give or take a few hours)

What you'll get...

  • A full time position
  • An appropriate salary
  • A small team of friendly colleagues
  • A life outside the office, because seriously, work is not all that matters.

About Happy Volcano

Happy Volcano has a team of skilled game designers and developers. We’re based in Leuven, Belgium and collaborate with artists, developers and sound designers across the world to launch awesome video games. The studio released the critically acclaimed and award-winning The Almost Gone in 2020 and is currently working on You Suck at Parking, coming to Steam in 2021.

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About You Suck at Parking

You Suck at Parking is a challenging driving and puzzle game that will test the player’s skills through a plethora of varied and surprising levels in a tight race against the clock, and will feature a built-in level editor for users to create their own crazy, mayhem-fuelled parking shenanigans.

Are you just Drifting through life, heading towards a Burnout? Do you need to make a quick U-turn? Well, You Suck at Parking won’t help you at all, but it will test your parking skills to the absolute limit...and probably beyond!

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