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October 29, 2020
Full Time

We're looking for a coder to join our team and help us make multiplayer experiences for our games. If you know what it takes to sync up multiple players in physics-based gameplay, and haven't fainted yet, we really want to talk to you!

It's not all lag and leaderboards though, there's plenty of room to help out in offline game development, from prototyping to implementing gameplay mechanics.

We are excited about candidates who value efficiency, have a pragmatic approach to problem solving and an eagerness to learn new things. We're looking for someone who actively wants to be part of our team, has good communication skills and common courtesy.

Candidates from under-represented backgrounds are encouraged to apply. We can provide an IBO training programme.

You would be a great fit if...

  • You have released a multiplayer project
  • You know about network coding for multiple platforms
  • You love coding games and know how to make use of Unity/C#
  • You pride yourself on writing clean, performant code
  • You follow the latest developments in Unity and multiplayer development
  • You speak Dutch or English on a professional level
  • You are not afraid to learn new things
  • You have a keen eye for detail

It would be even better if...

  • You have experience developing for Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch, and with TRC implementations
  • You know how to optimize a game
  • You have experience with GIT/Bitbucket version control
  • You have experience in shader programming

About Happy Volcano

Happy Volcano has a team of skilled game designers and developers. We’re based in Leuven, Belgium and collaborate with artists, developers and sound designers across the world to launch awesome video games.

About You Suck at Parking

You Suck at Parking is a challenging driving and puzzle game that will test the player’s skills through a plethora of varied and surprising levels in a tight race against the clock, and will feature a built-in level editor for users to create their own crazy, mayhem-fuelled parking shenanigans.

Are you just Drifting through life, heading towards a Burnout? Do you need to make a quick U-turn? Well, You Suck at Parking won’t help you at all, but it will test your parking skills to the absolute limit...and probably beyond!

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