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February 2, 2023

Progress is coming along nicely for the vertical slice of Alarial’s Blessing, but it’s time to bring in some more talent! We’re seeking an animator who can create video game sprite sheets for combat and world exploration. This includes idle, attack and movement animations. Here are a few examples of our game’s combat sprites and a screenshot showing the overall combat look.


four combatants in a forest on a flat grid battle scene


The image below is a demo sprite sheet showing the kind of work we’re looking for.


a clockwork steampunk like character in a dozen different poses


We do have an in-house artist that can assist with coloring and cleanup so it’s possible for this role to focus solely on animation frames.

As part of this job, we are hoping to establish a long-term relationship so that the work may continue once more funding has been secured. Ideally, this would mean finding someone to join the team as a full-time employee, but we are also open to working with independent animation studios or talented individuals.


To Apply

If you are interested, please send us an email that includes examples of your work and some idea of your pricing. Our strong preference is to have a video or voice call over discord with the top candidates. If you have any questions, feel free to jump on our Discord server

We will respond to all applicants and update this post when the position has been filled.

HexaNeph Games

HexaNeph Games is a small independent video game development studio. We are currently comprised of two employees with a passion for video games and a plan to grow!


Company Philosophy

At HexaNeph Games, our values are a big part of the reason we exist. They influence all game design decisions and help ensure we make great games.

Featured Game

In Alarial’s Blessing, travel with Kal, Tyranel in and Mina as they wander the land living the simple life of independent mercenaries. They’re not perfect people and the history books may never record their names. That doesn’t mean, however, their lives don’t have meaning. Even wandering souls can have a massive impact on those around them. Join our trio of characters on an emotional journey you won’t soon forget in this modern take of the JRPG genre.


Alarial's Blessing

Hint is a fully voiced, unconventional puzzle game designed for touch screens. Each level is a unique puzzle where determining the objective is part of the challenge itself. Even better, the rules of the game can change from level to level. Fortunately, you will have a fully voiced and entirely trustworthy companion there to guide and give assistance when things get tough.

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